Horoscope Of The Day (16/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Today offers you the opportunity to trust in honesty and innocence, Aries. It still exists in the most unexpected of places. Question: Do you also house it within you? Take heart, its there for you.


Taurus: Love is not always a pink fluffy expression. It can be a strong and challenging one too. It’s time to make sure you are sending out the right message with your love. Compassion is key!


Gemini: There is a lot of energy in you today and it is giving you the kind of growth you have been looking for. Today everything can become  


Cancer: There are many choices that you can make, today. Be sure to pick the one that actually works for you in the long run. This will take a little planning and insight. You got this!


Leo: Flying is great momentum, but if you are not careful it causes crashes. Time to take a definite moment to ground and get your foundations stronger. Up your shield today, Leo, you will need it!


Virgo: The power you are being gifted is that of emotions and expressing them well. You know you have much to say. Today is the day to express and share yourself here. Relax and rejuvenate here!


Libra: All that glitters is not gold. Make sure you are attracting and going towards the real stuff. This needs you to be aware and alert when making decisions today. Don’t get caught up in Illusions.


Scorpio: Travel is indicated in your cards today. Where are you off to? Where do you want to go? Take off, start planning. Your life is thirsting for the kind of energy that will shift things!


Sagittarius: ACTION! Get on with it beloved. Take conscious and fun steps towards what you want to make into a reality. You are almost there and these will help you finish up. Engage the mind, Sagittarius.


Capricorn: Gifts are coming your way, today. Things you have always wanted are reaching you and you only need to receive them. It’s going to be a day of fun and surprises. Enjoy yourself, Beloved Capricorn!


Aquarius: Today is a good day to something extremely physical. Dancing, swimming, running. Anything that will shift the stagnant energy within you. It is almost like you are being told to express yourself through movement, Aquarius.


Pisces: There are many opportunities coming your way, today. Grab them. The only way you will be able to notice them will be if you are in awareness. Stay alert and know that action is required.


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