Horoscope Of The Day (12/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: A compromise is arrived at only when we decide we are OK with less than we deserve. Are you sure this is the right decision to make today? Or is it the wiser choice today?


Taurus: Today is a day of adventure, Taurus. Are you planning to go on a trip? May be spend time in nature and feel like the child you really are within? Spend time with colors today!


Gemini: You are on the brink of a big change today! If you allow fear to take charge you will lose the opportunity and if not, you will be a new person and love it too!


Cancer: You are an intuitive. This week is calling out to that side of you to take charge and follow your inner guidance. Be gentle with yourself and know that all is going to be perfect!


Leo: To really understand, anything, you must break out of the confines of your own mind prison. There are examples of this having happened around you. Take your inspiration from them and rise higher. Free yourself!


Virgo: No more shoving things under the carpet! It’s time to deal with things and like they say, face the music! It’s bound to happen sooner or later, why not right away? Why not today, Virgo?


Libra: Today is a celebration. Are you going out to party? Brilliant idea! Take the time to relax and be around people who encourage you and celebrate you. A new energy may be coming in too.


Scorpio: So much thought! Scorpio, your basic energy is movement. This seems to be restricted today, because of your mind. PAUSE! Do something very physical to get rid of this stagnated energy! Choose your stress, beloved!


Sagittarius: Holding on to things will not save them. It will cause physical and mental illness within yourself. It’s time to let go of a lot of things you don’t really need but are keeping close.


Capricorn: There are soooo many possibilities around you right now. Today is like a blank page for you, Capricorn. Decide what you want to fill into to it. Keep a bird’s eye view on the situations.


Aquarius: Decisions galore! But simple ones for sure! Your relationships are also calling out for your attention and you had best give them what they want. But you are guided and safe too. Loosen up, Aquarius.


Pisces: you love travel and it shows. Today is a good day to go for a little trip. Or break away from monotony and do something completely different. It will help keep you going and fresh.


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