Horoscope Of The Day (8/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Comparison comes from an unsure mind. Learn to substitute comparison with the understanding of flag posts that the other is placing on the way to help you forward. You, in every aspect, are PERFECT, Now!


Taurus: What you see may not be what you will get. Or that your present tactic? Be honest to attract honesty. Also become aware of the kind of people and situations you are getting into today!


Gemini: Think outside the box. Turn yourself upside down if need be, but look at TODAY and its unraveling differently. This may take up a lot of your energy, but it’s worth it! Be smart today!


Cancer: What are you trying your hand at today? Sure you are made for this? Give it a shot. You may realize this is JUST the thing for you. Careful how you go about it though.


Leo: You are in a great place. Take a risk today and it will be successful. Just be sure you are not being naive and missing the most obvious issues! Great day to try something new.


Virgo: Time to go out and become a part of the group. Enough of you sitting home, by yourself. Participate in the world around you. It’s all about community now a days. Share your energy today!


Libra: You are part of everything and if you cannot feel it make sure to find out, exactly, why. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out what make you feel like an outsider. Giggle ☺


Scorpio: Are you taking a small trip this week? Good option. Yet, travel can also be within for self-discovery. What trip are you taking and how is it going to help you grow? Have you figured?


Sagittarius:  Where is your mind today? Are you going towards your goal or cutting corners? Are you sure you are being true and honest with yourself and others? And the others? Are they honest with you?


Capricorn: Sometimes things have to collapse before you can rebuild. This is that day where you sense the collapsing and an undertone of destruction. But it’s also brings a new beginning! Can you smell the freshness?


Aquarius: Be still, beloved Aquarius. Everything is falling into place perfectly. Your innate ability to guide yourself is the best and only radar you need right now. Things are about to magnify all around you now!


Pisces: Do the simple things today, the very basic. It’s a day to just focus on the so called mundane things that may not even ben interesting. But there is magic in them for you today!


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