Horoscope Of The Day (5/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Everything is perfect and you are not content. Go for a break and come back rejuvenated. A coffee or a walk is good. A little distance will help the mind in focus better. Making travel plans?  


Taurus: Time to start getting to detailed planning, make allies and enlist help! Share your vision in that meeting and shine. Remember to practice before the final presentation. You already have it, though! Go ahead, Conquer!


Gemini: The energy is increasing and there is so much you can do with it. New beginnings are evident and how you deal with them and how much you accept them will determine things forward, hereon!


Cancer: You are a master of what you are doing. Keep that in mind. Yet it is never enough. You will be excited at the opportunity to learn and then teach today. Share away, Beloved!


Leo: Some big decisions to be made today and no time to waste. The romantic relationships will also ask for your attention. Stop being commitment phobic. Take the step you have been wanting to, all along!


Virgo: You have two options and two potential paths. Make a choice now and follow through with your decision. Don’t procrastinate anymore. The pace of life is not being very merciful with you about this, today!


Libra: The action continues today. Take a step further and encounter the fears you think you will face. Realize they may just be your imagination. If they are real, know you will find a way through.


Scorpio: The wheels are turning. That which is in the extremes in your life is ready to get moderated. A balance is coming and makes you lucky. Make sure you are open to accepting the changes.


Sagittarius: Being lazy is ok at time. Today is one of those times. But the nudge is to slow down instead of completely stopping. But I am sure you have your excuses to stop. Avoid them!


Capricorn: The energy of sharing is well known to your being. This is a great day to experience that balance again. You’re not better if you have more. You are chosen to GIVE when you do.


Aquarius: There are moments in your heart that have stayed there long enough. It looks like they are ready to leave. Would you like to free yourself and the moments that are blocking space within you?


Pisces: The feeling of being a little unsupported is possibly showing up. STOP. Breath and look around at the people you are surrounded by. How many would you drop and how many would you walk with?


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