Horoscope Of The Day (4/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Your creativity is beginning to open up. Your ideas are precious and need to be recorded. Do all this as you have fun by the beach or take a swim. Don’t run from emotions today!


Taurus: Organize all that you have in mind! You know you are good at what you do and now is the time to show it to yourself. Lovingly exercise your authority. Tap into your inner matriarch!


Gemini: Knowing what you really want and how you want it is important. Keep away from exciting temptations. Shortcuts and speed are not always the answer to everything. Be careful about new and exciting offers today!


Cancer: It is great to be generous but don’t let people walk away with more than you wish to share. Make sure you don’t feel cheated when you are intending to collaborate with a supposed ally.


Leo: Soooo much energy all of a sudden. You can handle it, though. You are a pro and know how it can be channeled, usefully. Technical and electrical communications are brining you some great news! Ready?


Virgo: Abundance is all around you. There is potential in everything and you are going to have to open up to tap in. Use the Mind to aid with this. Also… what are you birthing today?


Libra: ACTION! Start working and manifesting what you have been waiting to! It is a day of action and dedication. Time to put your power to the best use possible. Go forth beloved Libra – Create Uninhibited!


Scorpio: The future is what you make of it. Today is a great time to start making sure you know just what you want. The ideas are abundant, all you need to do is record them.


Sagittarius: What are you hiding from, Sagittarius? All the efforts you are making are not going to succeed if you do not know where to head form the reward. Find out where to have to be.


Capricorn: Pay attention to the home and family, money and settling down and laying long term foundations too. It’s a beautiful day to SEE the rest of you year, in color, in your mind’s eye. Game?


Aquarius: Money plays an important part today. Either you will rule it like a king or it will rule you like a master. What have you decided to play today? Your home is your greatest ally.


Pisces: It’s the most positive day of the week for you, beloved. Make the most of it and be sure to choose happiness. There is a sense of being complete in everything today. Enjoy it completely!


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