Horoscope Of The Day (3/1/2018)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Yes you are strong and are in Authority. But stop wearing it like clothes. Relax and know that you are in power and organized and have all the answers YOU need. Have a sexy day!


Taurus: Too much emotion for you? Ok! Take a break and do something more grounding today! Get your shoes off, distance yourself for a bit. Remember, it will be waiting for you when you are back.


Gemini: Winning or Losing? It’s all in the attitude. Turn it around for yourself, right away. You still have a few tricks up your sleeve, or have you already forgotten? Become that winner again, start mentally!


Cancer: Time to acknowledge the movement emotion gives you. Get creative and start harnessing that windmill of power within you. Time to put plans and ideas to action. You are sooo ready for this, right away!


Leo: Want to take over the world ☺ Allow yourself to make the base plans today. Get dressed for the opportunity and also exercise your abilities, to start with. What are you planning to create today?


Virgo: Stop over thinking this, beloved! You are holding yourself back and nothing can set you free, Only YOU have the power to get out of this and make it work for you. YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN!


Libra: You are the ruler of YOUR power. Balance and equanimity is your strongest power. You know people will listen when you decide to talk! Now is a good time to share your mind with them.


Scorpio: Your soft, romantic, creative side is itching to come out today. Spend time with yourself and let all that is within you out, constructively. Your emotional side is calling out for attention today. Pay heed!


Sagittarius: Stop hording. If you are going through a spell of comparison, just let it fall away. Do not allow the trap of your mind hold you back from achieving what you have set out to.


Capricorn: You will benefit from alone time. You need to go spend time with your mind and emotions. Chatting and discussing what is really happening in this coming year and with the new energy. Happy Solitude!


Aquarius: You may have more than you need, but it would be wise to use it one at a time. Call upon things when you and they are ready for each other. No jumping the gun!


Pisces: You do take time, but when you decide it’s the best option, in the moment. Make sure to consider things for everyone in this decision. You’re a responsible adult and it needs to show here.


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