Horoscope Of The Day (2/1/2018)


BY: Pushtiie

Aries: It’s about the feeling of siblings. All the love you shared and the joy you felt. Time to revisit nostalgia. Time to begin a new cycle of giving and receiving. Relax! It’s all just fine!


Taurus: Family time {all families!} is calling out to you. The togetherness is attractive and it’s time to just discuss things. Have a heart to heart. Spend quality time to look at what’s coming in, now!


Gemini: The Union will turn into a serious togetherness. It’s a great time to celebrate with your special one. Take the opportunity to wine and dine. Mergers can be a lot of, well timed, new beginnings.


Cancer: Being disciplined is awesome and different for you. But, beloved, being stubborn does not suit you, at all! Don’t get rigid and allow the sensuality blossom naturally today. How are you feeling about Authority, today?


Leo: Replenish with some family time today. Stop everything and just be with the ones that mean everything to you. Some quiet time will help your spirit to soothe, beloved. It’s the recharging before the action further.


Virgo: Something seems to be getting taken away from you. It’s not always a bad thing, unless you allow it to feel super emotional. Is it a loss or a theft? Keep your senses alert, today!


Libra: Your mind is about to bring you new treasures, today. You are in control if the intellect and know how to focus it, best. But be willing to fly, when it gives you the chance.


Scorpio: You seem to have achieved something today. But did you take a look at what happened around you? Have you taken unnecessarily or rightfully? It’s a good thought to return what is not yours, Scorpio!


Sagittarius: Introspection is a very important aspect of your life today. Make sure you get expert advice today. The expert – YOU! Time to look within for magic. Take a deep dive and re-surface with the answers.


Capricorn: The idea is to work together as a team. No matter what your standards or what you are teaching… Observe how the student learns best. Avoid disheartening the others. Done not accomplish anything, long term.


Aquarius: You have everything and now you seem bored. Avoid interrupting another’s space to entertain yourself. Spend some time in nature catching up on the reading, writing, painting, etc. you have meant to, for a while.


Pisces: Take charge of how you are feeling now. Trying to teach another about themselves is not always taken very positively. Work on yourself and you will benefit from it. Let the attention be self-focused!


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