Horoscope Of The Day (31/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: Strike a balance between your emotions and intellect. Going forward without carrying either of them can often render you confused. Both are powerful combination to create paths for you to walk.


TAURUS: Family time ! Ditch the office desk and take your family out for a delightful lunch, a movie and then spend evening together in any park or public space with other families around. Make the most of it.


GEMINI: Are you down with luck? Time for table to turn. If you've been through difficult times, soon you will get relief from it. Like they always say, nothing is permanent in life - neither happiness nor sadness, it's a constant flow that will help you with better insights to cope up.


CANCER: There is a significant spiritual awakening about to take place in your life and it's a perfect time to embark your journey. Seek someone who can beautifully guide you back to this path with true honesty and dedication.


LEO: Hold your horses ! If you are not sure about what to do next, don't jump the gun. This phase of indecisiveness is a blessing in disguise as it will assist you in examining your thoughts properly. Thus take your time until you're ready.


VIRGO: You teach others how to treat you by the way you treat yourself. Take responsibility to change the way you look at life. Perpetual victimhood will lead you nowhere, it is your ability to be the better person irrespective of external conditions that make defines you.


LIBRA: Are you planning to expand your business? It is indeed a good idea, all you need to do is extreme preparations and long term views with meticulous planning. Keep working hard and reap the fruits of your efforts.


SCORPION: Yes, rules are meant to be broken but then there are times when rules need to be followed too in order to inculcate discipline and preparing you to face adversities with strength which is not possible if you're a care-fee bird.


SAGITTARIUS: Financial crunches may say hello to you. It's a visitor no one wants to ever welcome but then they exist  for a reason. They are reminder to keep a tab on your wallet and be smart enough to not indulge in some lavishness.


CAPRICORN:  Ah ! Finally you're living a life full of luxuries. Not necessarily have to be from money perspective, having great quality of friends and family who are absolutely genuine and loving is also enough to feel rich by heart.


AQUARIUS: People pleasing is the worst thing you will ever subject yourself to. It's not only toxic but also detrimental to your growth as a person. Be unabashed about your life, be proud of who you are. Nothing in this world can ever dim your inner sparkle.


PISCES: You're encouraged to do get into some investment for you and your family's better future. If you've good knowledge regarding real estate, good or else find someone who can help you get through this and advise you step by step.

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