Horoscope Of The Day (30/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: You might want to relocate to a new residential place or change your stagnating job. If you're getting this urge. Don't resist the flow, in fact simply follow your instinct and start looking out for a better place and even a better job prospects.


TAURUS: There is a chance of either someone from your family or friend circle might fall ill or get their health down. There is definitely nothing serious about it but you certainly should be there emotionally since more than medicines, a calm and happy atmosphere can often brighten someone's day.


GEMINI: When was the last time you cried ? When was the last time you expressed your needs exactly as it is? Not sure I guess. It seems you've been emotionally weak. You're being encouraged to be more expressive and adopt an extrovert personality which will help you interact more.


CANCER: You're getting an opportunity to turn back and look at your past. Reflect upon not-so-desirable patterns you've had lived with. Examine from a third person's perspective, and once you understand, say good bye and move forward with a refreshing outlook.


LEO: Family inheritance is on the card, you might get some assets from your family but remember that it's a custom. Eventually your emotions will matter more so don't change your equations with your family. Strengthen the bond like you always do.


VIRGO: Have you been rejected by someone you had feelings for? It is painful when your love isn't reciprocated. But let me remind you, there is a ocean full of amazing people and certainly someone is out there who is ought to meet you. Don't give up, keep exploring possible romances.


LIBRA: False ego can ruin best of the best relationships. Beware of your thoughts and behavior while communicating with your spouse or partner-in-love. Address problem calmly from the space of care and affection.


SCORPION: Financial abundance is on your way. So be sure to take utmost care while spending, be mindful of where you wish to invest your money in so that you can save as much as want for a better future and prospects.


SAGITTARIUS: Letting go is often the best thing to happen in life. If you try to hold on to someone who is least interested to stay back, you will only be the one in excruciating pain. The process is heavy, no doubt but once you begin and remain consistent, it will become much easier.


CAPRICORN: Fear is just a delusion and there are times we often over-think a lot simply ruining our days for no reason. Try to ask yourself, what are you fearing more from? Is it fine to face it? Is it worth dealing with? Examine your feelings. Soon you will realize the fear has disappeared.


AQUARIUS: Be kind to others. Sounds cliched and extraordinarily silly but then it's one of the best way to reassure yourself that you are not at fault, and that you value relationships over ego. Not sure about the others but this attitude will bring certain clarity in your thought process.


PISCES: Are you experiencing anxiety or depression? Unable to move forward in life due to some traumatic past that has hold you back from progressive. Confide into someone whom you truthfully trust and seek solutions. It will be great to lighten yourself.

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