Horoscope Of The Day (29/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: You're possibly the most courageous person and have mastered the knack to tackle adversities with lot of confidence. It would be great if you can help others to access this trait which is inherently built in them because when they do, it will only benefit them.


TAURUS: Soon we are about to embrace new year which means we will also explore new opportunities galore. Therefore it is high time you acknowledge the past (good and not-so-good memories) , clean your space and life and be ready to experience some radical transformation.


GEMINI: Have you betrayed someone and broke their trust? or are you about to execute this plan? Either ways, you better be prepared for the consequences for your actions. If you truly believe it is wrong, drop this plan and express your truth with more honestly irrespective of how the other person respond.


CANCER: You've a happy-go-lucky nature which draws a lot of people's attention in an endearing way. Use this quality as a tool to increase your professional contacts, be social and blend easily with people around you.


LEO: When you begin something new, do it with a lot of optimism and enthusiasm.  Take blessings from the elder members of your families because when they support you in your ventures, it builds a lot of confidence and that enables you to work harder.


VIRGO: Stay away from dishonesty and corruption if possible in any form. Stand by principles is the advise they're being asked to follow. It may seem  extremely tough and tempting but that's what you should be doing. Remain true to your conscience.


LIBRA: Spend some quality time with your parents or anyone who is elder to you by age. In this day and age of emotional unavailability and technological world, their old-school family values are having tough time integrating with the millennials so your presence can truly make the process easy.


SCORPION: Try try till you succeed is a proverb we've grew up hearing to. And it continues to be relevant. No matter how distraught life can be, if you've the determination to make it big, keep trying, keep falling until you finally succeed and stand on your feet with head held high.


SAGITTARIUS: Indulge in some self pampering. You've achieved the milestone you've worked hard for. Take some time out to cherish every moment that went into manifesting your success after all, you deserve it.


CAPRICORN: While it is nice that you've all the luxuries available in this world - financial and emotional, but don't let your ego cloud your mind and take people for granted. Humility is the key to being a better human being irrespective of whether you are successful or not.


AQUARIUS: There is strong possibility that you can encounter heart-break. It can either be breakdown of relationships, friendship or major quarrel with someone whom you're quite close to. You can find yourself extremely vulnerable but then be strong enough to step out after processing it.


PISCES: You might be having an inclination to visit your family, relatives and friends after a long gap. Don't resist it, meet them so that the connection doesn't fizzle out. It's important once in a while to call or meet them and say Hi.

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