Horoscope Of The Day (27/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar 

ARIES: Be the peacemaker in your family. It seems you’ve constantly seen your families from both – maternal and paternal side – indulge in quarrel for pettiest issue. So you the chance to help them sort out difference by arranging some meet up to break the ice.


TAURUS: Let go off anything that no longer serves any purpose in your life. If there is any person or people whom you don’t wish to connect anymore because energies doesn’t sync the way it used to be so amicably walk out and make space for new individuals.


GEMINI: After a turbulent dark phase, the light always shines. You’ve passed through one of the most toughest times that drained you completely, you can see the light of hope. Be grateful that you’ve emerged more stronger than ever and learnt some invaluable lessons.


CANCER: Carry your mind along with you while making a decision with emotions. Have a balanced perspective, Evaluate your decisions properly and then take a final call.


LEO: Do you have a pet? It’s awesome. If not, then play with stray animals that lives in your locality. Give them food, water and if possible spend quality time. Establishing connection with animals are often one of the good ways to enhance your empathy level.


VIRGO: Use your intellect to navigate your path. Whatever assignments or creative projects you’re involved in, weigh the pros and cons carefully and mindfully and you can be assured the benefits will appear at the right time.


LIBRA: You don’t need to always find a actual mentor to guide you. Even a parent, sibling or a friend can be an excellent philosopher and a mentor, can beautifully guide you to the right track and help you examine your life from a different perspective.


SCORPION: Either you might get invited for a celebration or you may celebrate some of your recent achievements with a lot of pomp and show. You’re being urged to enjoy the moment unabashedly and carefree.


SAGITTARIUS: There is an indication for a new professional life. New job, or quitting a job to finally embark your journey as an entrepreneur. Whatsoever it may be, use all your enthusiasm and thrill to make this process interesting and challenging.


CAPRICORN: Strike a balance between your personal and professional life. Overlapping of both can perhaps create a mess rendering your directionless and vulnerable. Learn to manage your time and segregate your life properly.


AQUARIUS: Maternal instinct is on high which means motherhood is on the card. I get a feeling more than natural childbirth, you might want to consider adoption as that is something you’ve been planning for a long time. It’s a life-changing decision so be very sure about it.


PISCES: Are you planning to study aboard? Or pursuing a new course and master a new skill? You’re never late to learn so it’s definitely a good idea to involve yourself in doing something productive and to excel professionally in any field you wish to make a mark on.

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