Horoscope Of The Day (26/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: There is possibility of backache, and for women, you might suffer from menstrual issues so it is better to consult a doctor and get yourself checked. Take proper rest until you get back to normal and resume for daily routine.


TAURUS: You’re being advised to look at life rationally. Develop your communication skills, engage in debate, research about the worldly topic to remain updated. Cutting long things short, increase your intellectual quotient.


GEMINI: If there is any water-bodies located near your place – be it lake, river or even sea, take some time out from your mundane schedule, sit nearby them and meditate or get in touch with her inner self. It’s a good natural therapy to feel rejuvenated.


CANCER: Step out of the comfort zone and try something new in your professional life. While quitting the current job is anyways good, be practical enough to have a backup plan before you take the final call or else you might getting into trouble which is completely avoidable.


LEO: Misunderstandings can often end relationships if it isn’t sorted on time. If you’ve experienced fight in your personal circle and you’re willing to clarify and reconcile then reach out to those you’ve apparently hurt and get along once again.


VIRGO: Entrepreneurship is on the card. You’ve developed a new idea that is worth capitalizing on. All you need to do is be patient, have perseverance, maintain this dedication, use all the resources at your disposal very meticulously. Hold the vision and trust the process.


LIBRA: You’re about to begin a new chapter in your life. It can either be marriage, embracing parenthood, academic start or even employment. Whatsoever it is, be enthusiastic and determined to stay true to what you’re about to do with a dash of love and affection.


SCORPION: Learn to be expressive. Being submissive all the time will only embolden others to take you for granted and it is incredibly unhealthy. Be bold and stand up for yourself, say your truth even if it ruffles some feathers. As long as you aren’t feeling strangulated.


SAGITTARIUS: Are you orthodox or conservative when it comes to lifestyle? Well there is no harm in being conservative, staying connected to your roots is essential but I would like to emphasis that integrating progressive values will help you to connect with millennials even more.


CAPRICORN: Caring about other’s opinion is something we are often brought up with. It renders us to find refuge in self-limiting beliefs system never allowing us to recognize our strengths. Break this habit and try to love and respect yourself from your eyes, and not from theirs.


AQUARIUS: You’re born an empath, you’ve the power to uplift distressed souls with your healing touch and compassionate gestures. Make use of this gift you’ve been blessed with, and let those who are in despair reach out to you.


PISCES: Taking too much responsibilities upon yourself to make a point at the cost of your time and energy is not all required. Stick to those responsibilities that you can manage perfectly and let others share the burden. When people work as a ‘force’ work seems to be more effortless.

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