Horoscope Of The Day (22/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: Life has come to a full circle, it is time to begin a new chapter, mostly indicating marriage, parenthood or even accomplishment of a project you've been working on. You're finally reach a point where things are going pretty smoothly as you planned.


TAURUS: Are you enduring financial crisis? Have you taken debt beyond your capacity? Or not getting job opportunities? Whatsoever may be the issue, look at money from a grateful perspective, control your expenses and make clearing debts your priorities.


GEMINI: There will always be clash of views between you and parents or elder people in your family, generation gap is a reality you must accept, neither they nor you can change each other. So try to make peace with it, make sincere attempts to connect with them emotionally.


CANCER: You're being advised to consume more fluid - water or juice with high fibre. I sense that you need to work a little more on getting your digestive system better, exercise more, mobilize your body on regular basis and if you're someone who is married, then increase your sexual activity with your spouse.


LEO: Growth and comfort never go hand in hand. In order to grow, you will have to move out of your comfort zone and being independent in all aspects of your life be it financial, emotional or physical is the first step. Figure out your ambition and take the final call.


VIRGO: There is always a silver lining behind every dark cloud. If you've been through turmoil and losing hope, don't fret. It's a temporary phase, situation will soon come under control. All you need to do is go with the flow and retain the optimism.


LIBRA: Your mind is jammed completely. You've so many brilliant ideas that offers strong promises but as it is colliding, you're unable to express it by words and finding it difficult to communicate. Relax ! Cure your insomnia, sleep so that you can wake up with a right frame of mind and jot it down in a book.


SCORPION: We are often made to believe that we are born to live a default life, time to bid farewell to this point of view. You can live your life the way YOU want to. Point is have you introspected it? Are you able to know what your true calling is?


SAGITTARIUS:  You never see a rose without a thorn, similarly when life creates a path for you, it will also add speed-breakers onto it; not to make you fail, rather to test your patience and see how successfully you overcome the hurdle. See the speed-breakers as a blessing in disguise to help you.


CAPRICORN: No one is ever late for education. It doesn't necessarily mean academics, it can also mean learning new skills or hobbies to be productive. Whatever is your age, if you've the willingness to learn then nothing in this world can stop you.


AQUARIUS: Lending or borrowing money is a way of giving or receiving help. If you're in need of financial assistance then don't hesitate to ask your beloved ones. Similarly, if someone has approached you for monetary help, go ahead and lend them some money provided they repay you back on time mutually decided.


PISCES: Reawaken the inner child within you. You don't have to be gloomy all the time. Have you ever looked at the waving branches of the trees, a smiling face of a baby, or a sunrise or sunset and got excited? I am sure no.  Children find that exciting, not adults. Hence, for a moment daily try to find these little moments and be happy.

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