Horoscope Of The Day (19/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: You’re being urged to spend more quality time with your children or any child you love the most in your family or friend circle. Off late you’ve been way too cynical about life, so by being with them, you might look at life from a child-like perspective devoid of any preconceived notions.


TAURUS: Follow your passion come what may. Yes, there will be folks who anyways wouldn’t be too supportive or fail to acknowledge your choices but then why should you even be bothered in the first place? Make realistic goals to work on it.


GEMINI: Are you contemplating to go for trekking, or a trip a nature place? If yes, then the answer is ‘Go for it’. You are someone who perhaps love to be in sync with nature and don’t enjoy urban life much. Therefore the moment you get the opportunity, grab it.


CANCER: I sense you may be bearing some really tough time that has hampered you emotionally. Are you finding it tough to express something that’s holding you back? Reach out to a person, who will not only listen to your woes with patience but also with no judgment.


LEO: Refrain from taking any decision in haste because you may end up getting yourself into trouble and face consequences not ready to deal with. Therefore relax, be mindful, assess what you want to do next and then take a final call.


VIRGO: Embarking on a creative project is amazing, it involves humongous amount of enthusiasm and excitement. But remember to even carry mind along with you so that methodical approach can be employed with a lot of careful planning.


LIBRA: When you don’t share, your energy remains stagnant. If you’ve saved enough money from your day-job and passion, utilize it to purchase new clothes or materialistic pleasures and simultaneously donate your old belongings to someone who might need it the most.


SCORPION: The mindset that you are right and have been terrible wronged can act as a potent desensitizer. Have you been feeling like victim and begin to say how bad this world is? Cut off your addiction to social media and look around. There is a lot to appreciate than what you’re being fed to believe.


SAGITTARIUS: It’s always wonderful when you want to help others. You may get a chance to cheer your dear ones who are grappling with personal issues esp. health. Try to meet them, hear them out, take care, and assure them that everything will be okay.


CAPRICORN: Missing your families back at home? Why not simply chat or call them up. Have you fought with them over misunderstanding?  If they residue in your city, give them a surprise visit or else send them a gift as a token of love. That is enough to melt their rigid heart.


AQUARIUS: The more compassionate you are, the more people get attracted to you. Nothing in this world can be as infectious as the emotion of love. Make someone smile esp. underprivileged people who have no one to say their own.


PISCES: Negative self-talk reinforces your inability to look at life from positive perspective. Agreed, it’s often hard to not get affected by external circumstances and be cynical but then you still have the power to control your life, always remember that. Where attention goes, energy flows.

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