Horoscope Of The Day (18/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: If you’re encountering financial crisis, don’t let this phase hamper your relationship with your money. Reflect upon your attitude you’ve been carrying all these years, assess your limiting belief about money and attempt to be more positive.


TAURUS: Do you often indulge in physical dispute? Are you unable to control your temper? Can anyone easily provoke you to harm them? If yes, then it would be good to seek anger management or begin to practice meditation to calm your mind.


GEMINI: It seems you’re getting way too involved in your professional life and the problem is it can drive you crazy and widen the gap between you and your family emotionally. Ensure you understand the gravity of the situation and compensate it by spending extra time with them.


CANCER: If you’re try to seek validation of your existence from people who rarely care for you then you’re simply wasting your time. Rather invest in polishing your personality, focus on your strength, work on your weaknesses and behold how people, who genuinely appreciate you, gets attracted solely towards you.


LEO: Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of ‘Eat, Love, Pray’ says, “It is a good sign, having a broken heart. It means we have tried for something”. If you’re struggling with rejection or failed relationship, reassure yourself that you’ve been courageous enough to love which is a great thing.


VIRGO: To dream is a basic human rights and you also deserve to dream big and manifest it. You’re being encouraged to create a vision about how you want to live your life. Take out few moments regularly to gradually solve the jigsaw puzzle of your ambitious life.


LIBRA: There is a chance that you may get in touch with a lot of clients for your entrepreneur or be blessed to sign a business deal for your company that shall offer humungous benefits.


SCORPION: Don’t be too miser. Savings is important but creating an extraordinary budget for everything may not be a wise idea. Loosen up a bit, purchase materialistic pleasures you and your family have been longing to get.


SAGITTARIUS: You are possibly not enjoying the moment to your zest. Life seems to be pretty mundane so in order to avoid getting more bored, you’re being advised to follow your passion and infuse enthusiasm enough to rejoice it.


CAPRICORN: Every relationships have ups and downs, so will yours. It’s natural to get paranoid when things don’t go down the way you desire. However, try to not fret. Have a meaningful conversation with your partner-in-love, sort out the differences and dissipate the fears.


AQUARIUS: Follow your inner calling. Sounds easy but it definitely requires combination of both intuition and intellectual reasoning. Figure out what exactly are you seeking and accordingly chart out your plan, if required take honest feedback from your loved ones who will assist you in this decision making.


PISCES: Let go off everything that doesn’t serve any purpose in your life. Be it people, situations, addictive habits, or even a job that has been stagnating your energy for years. Whatsoever it is, cultivate a strong will power to endure the catharsis.

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