Horoscope Of The Day (16/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: Running away from problems is not going to help you at all, face it with heads held high without feeling guilty about it. You’ll be tempted to give up, it’s natural to feel that but resist the temptation.


TAURUS: You’re finally come to a space where you can have an easy access to the kind of lifestyle you worked hard and burned midnight oil sacrificing your own happiness. Time to pat your own back and indulge in some self-love.


GEMINI: Possible that you might come across some tough financial crisis, if not extreme. However it can be avoided if you are very careful of where you invest your money in. Don’t be too lavish, ask yourself before purchasing any expensive things, “Is it really worth buying it?”


CANCER: Some disputes are tough to resolve properly so if you’re into some sort of personal or professional conflict, it is wise to seek legal recourse to ensure hassle-free procedure that can guarantee tangible outcome.


LEO: It seems you want to create a life you want to live and it’s great, trust me. However, for that you have to begin the process. Get yourself a journal, start writing. Jot down what is required to make your life and work on it.


VIRGO: Relationships often fall apart mostly due to external interferences. Source of problem can often be family invading privacy for prolonged time or even third person who might try to create misunderstanding. The only remedy is trust and love each other enough.


LIBRA: You might need to polish your communication skills, start interacting, participate in debates, up your research skills and make sure you enjoy the whole process of speaking.


SCORPION: Get in touch with nature. If you’re someone who likes to meditate – sit by the seashore or garden and ground yourself, spend time observing nature, caress animals around and be in awe. Being away from urban world can offer insights.


SAGITTARIUS: Make adjustments, not compromises, in relationships. Neither you nor your partner can always impose rules on each other, there is an urgent need to find a middle ground where both of you can agree and live together.


CAPRICORN: Although you’re already in the middle of a project you are completing, there’s chance for a new one to arrive soon. Thankfully, your multi-tasking skills are excellent enough to draw attention equally on both. Maintain the enthusiasm while undertaking.


AQUARIUS: You’ve earn enough amount of money and I sense you wish to donate it to some social welfare organization. It’s a beautiful idea, however, make sure the place where you’re about to donate is legal and are authenticated.


PISCES: Move out of your comfort zone. Employing the same tried and tested formula that delivered success won’t always work. Add variety to it and experiment. It’s worth risk taking and you’ll feel  content with the fact that you’re trying.

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