Horoscope Of The Day (13/12/17)


By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES:  You're advised not to sugarcoat your opinion or thoughts to suit other's conveniences. Maintain the honesty, be upfront and express your truth with impartiality. It may cost you relationships but it's always better to say hard truth than comfort them with sweet lie.


TAURUS: There is a opportunity to travel esp. via air to travel. It can come in the form of official work or a long trip with family or friends. So if you've been planning to travel, it's a great to select the location you wish to visit and go for it.


GEMINI: When we fall in love, too often we trust that person, blind-folding our eyes to the truth we choose not to see. This is the time you must to carry your mind along with you, love them like you always do but also don't get carried away by everything they say, compromising your self-worth.


CANCER: Either you're getting married or someone from your friend or family circle are tying the knot thus celebration is on it's way. The atmosphere is joyful, there is a lot of happiness kept in store for you, live the moment.


LEO: Are you experiencing anxiety? Have you been suffering from depression but could never speak to anyone due to fear of being judged? If yes, then don't let the unresolved issues get the best out of you. try to seek medical assistance so that you don't feel alone.


VIRGO: You're being reminded that new friendship shall soon knock the door, it can happen in your workplace, college or even via dating apps and you'll get the hint from the vibes with which you connect with. Keep the door of your heart open.


LIBRA: Not everything is black and white in our life, being extreme about any situation or a person can prove to be counterproductive. Balance perspective is the key in such circumstances, be a little logical and always have the keen to look at both sides of the coin before coming to a conclusion.


SCORPION: Hard work is play and play is hard work. Efforts is required in whatever you do in life, be it studies, preparing food, completing your task you've been assigned with or even going to a grocery. At times, it is imperative to take life a bit seriously to be well organized.


SAGITTARIUS: Self work, though phenomenal, requires mentor to guide you to reach the path you want to walk in. Look around you, there are plenty of such light workers ready to assist you, all you need to do is communicate and feel how comfortable you are when you're with them, you'll find the right person.


CAPRICORN: Patience is the key to long lasting success. if you aren't able to get work on time, perhaps the universe is testing your perseverance and wants you to never give up, asking you to look beneath and examine the skills that needs to be polished in order to attract the kind of work you desire.


AQUARIUS: Did you hurt someone, even unintentionally, that caused you extreme distress. Chances are you might be wrecked with guilt for having done that. Let me remind you, to err is to human, the fact that you admit is itself a big feat.  Seek forgiveness, so that you be at peace.


PISCES: You're likely to learn invaluable lessons from the setbacks you've experienced so far. There is a strong awareness that has transpired in you about taking responsibility entirely to bring the change required in your life. The process can be nerve-wrecking, nevertheless fruitful in the long run.