Horoscope Of The Day (29/11/17)


By: Wild Venus

ARIES: You’re being suggested to take good care of your back (spinal part). Don’t spend too much time sitting on one place. Move as much as you can, do stretched and warm ups when time permits and continue long brisk walk.

TAURUS: There is an indication for you and your partner to start planning for a family. Take some time out from your busy schedule, and have a heart-to-heart conversation about it either over candle-light dinner or simply over a cup of coffee on your dining table.

GEMINI: Adversities will keep challenging you at every point in your life, it all depends on how you choose to respond to it. You’re being suggested to not let it break you, rather use this phase as an opportunity to reflect upon your thoughts and change it.

CANCER: Get in touch with you father and let him know how much you love him and care for him. In most cases, unlike mothers, fathers aren’t so expressive about their feelings but their love is definitely no less. Acknowledge the sacrifices he makes for you.

LEO: Open a new bank account for your teenage children, explain them the importance of saving money. You may think they’re too young but to be honest, this is the right time for them to understand the value of money.

VIRGO: You might end up getting unsuccessful results from your examinations and this has got to do with how often you take things too lightly, oblivious to the consequences. However instead of getting upset, you can try again to be successful.

LIBRA: You may come across many offers to invest your hard earn money in an estate. Ensure you filter the genuine ones, research about it, weigh the pros and cons and then take the final call.

SCORPION: There is a sign of you getting frequent headaches. Seek medical intervention for sure by getting yourself tested, also – if you’ve been through stressful time due to work pressure, take a holiday and give your body much required rest.

SAGITTARIUS: Establish an emotional connection. Someone in the past, who couldn’t reciprocate to your feelings, might want to strike a friendship with you. Don’t reject this proposal, remove all the fears and accept you it. You never know how fruitful this bonding can be.

CAPRICORN: If there is no pain, there is certainly no gain. If you’ve decided to take control of your life for instance, weight loss, you will have to sacrifice resisting but unhealthy eating habit to reach your goal. The withdrawal symptoms is painful, nevertheless worth a shot.

AQUARIUS: Move fearlessly to new stream for career. It’s not written anywhere in the rulebook that your job has to be in sync with your academic qualification, if you’ve the skills and the confidence to make it big, go head.

PISCES: Life is boring if you’ve never experienced it’s sensual side. Meet someone who you think has a great vibes, go for dates. Spend time together, get a bit romantic and if there is a spark, making out will be a bonus.

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