Horoscope Of The Day (28/11/17)


By: Wild Venus

ARIES: Are you trying to cheat someone like breaking trust of your partner by philandering? If you are then immediately drop the idea. It's better to be honest about feelings and let your partner know that things aren't working. It can be heartbreaking but it's better than playing with emotions, isn't it?

TAURUS: Have you been quarreling with your parents off late? If yes, then it’s a great time to sort it out. There will always be differences over mindset due to huge generational gap. Find a middle ground where you and your parents can come to certain terms and accept as it is.

GEMINI: Don’t mix personal and professional life. When you’re at home, focus on your family without looking at your mails in laptop and when you’re in the office, avoid picking up calls from home and honestly do your work.

CANCER: You’re greatly supported by the universe. If you’ve made any plans, the answer is ‘go for it’. There is nothing in this world that will stop you from achieving it. Be fearless and bold enough to execute your plans.

LEO: Setbacks are nothing but a stepping stone to success. There is a chance that you may face failures in some of the work you’ve been doing. However, it will also lead you to a lot of clarity, you will begin to be receptive to alternative ideas.

VIRGO: Time for some celebration. You might either be invited for a marriage or there will be a marriage ceremony taking place at your family which means there will be reunion with distant family members. Make the most of it.

LIBRA: Are you feeling burdened with unwanted responsibilities at your home but scared to express it? Start sharing it with the members at home. Make it a point to tell them to take initiative instead of depending on you for everything.

SCORPION: If you’ve an inclination to learn new skills, be ready to dedicate your time and also make sure it has scope to generate incom. Passion is great but to be financially independent is equally important.

SAGITTARIUS: Find a new house to embark your journey as an independent individual. We love our family and sometimes it is hard to move out but then how will we be able to experience what life is beyond the comfort zone?

CAPRICORN: To apologize and remain humble in today’s age where everyone has an ego as majestic as mountain is a rarity. To be hurt is very upsetting, agreed, but if someone is admitting their mistake genuinely, don’t evade them, instead give that a person a chance to reform.

AQUARIUS: Being down-to-earth, nurturing yet extraordinarily focused about realities are the qualities you need to cultivate in order to lead your life. Possibly a woman (or a man with strong feminine trait) might help you to imbibe these qualities, so be open to this encounter.

PISCES: Money is not the root cause of all the misery you’ve been put through, rather your attitude and negative perception toward money is. Seek life-coaches and spiritually awakened who will help you reprogram your mind.

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