Is Your Partner Cheating On You ?

    At times, we get really suspicious about our partner and their activities. We get really unsure about our relationship. Many negative aspects cross our mind like : Has our partner fallen out of love ? Are they cheating ? Am I thinking a lot ? and many more. We often blame ourselves for excessive thinking but the circumstances force us to think.
    Stop thinking too much! Leave all the negatives and positives behind and go through all these signs to know whether they are cheating on you or not.
  • He tells you that he is no more ready for a relationship : There was a time when he wanted to spend his entire life with you and now he is not ready for this relationship. Sounds weird!
  • He takes his phone with him wherever he goes: Initially, he had no idea where his phone was. Now, he makes sure that he is carrying his phone along with him.
  • He is no more interested in your daily routines: At the beginning of your relationship, he was really interested in daily routines and activities but now it irritates him.
  • He always has a reason for not meeting you : You find it really weird but he always has excuses for not meeting you up and you can’t convince him either.
  • He has no time to talk over phone with you : It has been a whole day and he hasn’t called you up yet . And if you do so, he always has a reason to call himself “busy”.