Horoscope Of The Day (12/9/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Say yes to new people, new places, new experiences. Say yes to life! Having a plan of action is overrated. As long as you have a few safety measures under your belt, you’ll find your way.



Instinct is nothing but an innate sense of knowing. Trust what it’s telling you. Being aware of the hidden enemy helps you plan and strategize your next move.



You’re done living a mediocre life. Living a life of purpose is the key to your happiness. So what is your passion? What are your superpowers? What gives you a sense of really being you? It’s time to let your calling consume you.



You are not who the world told you are. Your innate sense of wisdom comes to the fore giving you a new sense of direction. DOn’t doubt where it’s taking you for one minute. The future is better than you ever imagine.



No more moaning and groaning! There’s only one person who can get you out of this funk: you. What’s your idea of happiness? How about a day at the spa or some good ol’ retail therapy to put that smile back on your face.



Stuck in a rut? Change of scene = change in perspective. Allow yourself to take that sabbatical you’ve been thinking about. It promises to pave the way for a Eureka moment!



Promiscuous wander luster at heart? Put your essential in a backpack and say yes to adventures. The experiences will remind you of all the things you love about life. Plus. give your brand new perspective to take home.



Giving makes one richer, not poorer. Something to mull over as you move on from the space of melancholy. Make unconditional love a practice. All the love you put into the cosmos is sure to find its way back to you.



Challenge your limiting beliefs as far as finances are concerned. As you widen your horizon, the right investor will appear.



Let down by somebody you trusted? You see the world as you are—and you chose to see the world as good. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Pick up the pieces and start over. Just so long as you have learned from the hard-hitting experiences.



If chains from the past are holding you back from walking boldly into the future, retrace a few steps. Get to the root of the issue is the only way to evolve.



A friend you have known since time immemorial steps in and provides you with just the support you need at this moment. Be grateful for people who understand where you’re at without you having to put things in words.