Horoscope Of The Day (7/9/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Creating something out of nothing is your superpower—one that applies to the ‘financial sector’ of your life. It is this capacity to increase the abundance manifold that manifests a brand new opportunity in your world.



Part of being a boss babe is honouring your truth and standing up for it. Not everybody is going to appreciate the honesty. They don’t have to. Don’t make that as an excuse to shy away from the facts.



Speedy recovery takes a whole new meaning as your soul tribe comes to the rescue. It’s time spoil each other silly. It’s a time to love and be loved.



Confront your fear of confrontation. Meditate upon: the elephant in the room. The unfinished business in the past. Unless you don’t give it the closure it requires, it will come to haunt you in many forms.



You find that beautiful balance between passion and profession. It’s what keeps the fire within burning and helps you walk fearlessly on your path despite the many challenges.



Passion. Also known as your superpower. The ability to go after what you believe each and every day despite the many hurdles is truly a strength. With the Universe working in your favour, trust that the circumstances will soon transform for the better. It’s a powerful time for manifestation. You’ll see witness the fruits of your labour sooner than you can imagine.



You discover a joy that’s beyond money and shiny things. It comes from getting in touch with your true nature. From being the wild and free bird you were always meant to be.



Did somebody say financial troubles? Help arrives from an unlikely source just when you need it. As a result, your relationship with the given party undergoes a huge shift.



You know that a mission is nothing without a vision. What are the long-term career goals for you and the organisation you’re a part of it? Being clear on this front will help you take the right action.



As you start a brand new journey in your life, your tribe reminds you of your inherent sense of power. Ready to move mountains? Trust that you they won’t let you fall.



On the scale of one to crazy in love, where do you stand? If you’re ready to take your relationship to the next level, may be it’s time to meet the fam.



Did you know that in ancient times storytelling was considered a sacred form of healing? There’s so much we can learn by simply sharing our stories and listening to those of others. What a perfectly good reason to bring your closest people home for a heartwarming meal!