Horoscope Of The Day (4/9/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


It's all about money management today. Where to invest, where not to invest, and how to get your money's worth. You may find yourself rethinking some of your financial decisions and reinventing your relationship the shiny stuff.



Thoughts become things. So focus on the 'thought'. The ideas. The spark. What you're channeling at this moment is our gold.



Inner peace. Your new found superpower. As an incident from the past repeats itself, you find your way to stay in the centre. Gemini - 1. Universe - 0.



The thing about giving is that it makes you richer, not poorer. Now, do you really want to hold on love? Toxic lover is a thing of the past. Make space for a lover that supports your growth.



You are many things, but complacent you are not! You know the only way to create a beautiful life for yourself is to take charge of your dreams. Meditate upon how you can set the wheels in motion?



You are not feared. You are not your limitations. Your superpower: you are constantly challenging perceived boundaries and evolving as a person. Work wise, opportunities on the horizon may point towards foreign lands. Say yes if your heart agrees.



If your past experiences have taught you anything, it is to be an opportunist. Make a go for what life is offering you.



Financial troubles. Also known as thing of the past. Yes, you are worthy of abundance. You are making space for all the good things life has to offer. Say yes to an opportunity that furthers your growth. Have the courage to move on from current circumstances.



Keep that journal handy. The ideas you're channeling at the moment are pure gold. Remember: growth and expansion are your key words. So how will you take the business to next level?



Oh, people! Can't live with them. Can't live without them. Are you letting somebody's negative behavior mess with your mood? Nobody, I repeat, nobody has that power over you. Rid yourself of the burden of expectations and be your own calm. A woman in your life reminds you just how loved you are.



The truth always triumphs. Choose the right over the wrong. Choose courage over fear. Choose spirit over matter. The right path will appear.



Fearlessness. Also known as your superpower. Your ideas may be too 'futuristic' for the world. Who cares? If you believe in them, you will attract the right people who will help you take them forward.