Horoscope Of The Day (3/9/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Open your eyes to the fairy tale romance that’s presenting itself to you. Baggage from the past has no place in the future. Don’t let the weight of lost love come in the way of new.



You are not your fears. You are not your limitations. As you make space for the new, new, new, life rewards you with a sudden change in fortune. This, right here, is the golden period. Everything is working out for you.



The period re-analyzing and reassessment are over. Now is the time to dive head long into the opportunities that are being presented to you. Be rest assured they come with major potential.



Black sheep? Nay! You’re the unicorn of the tribe. Why not display your psychedelia instead of hiding your colors? Remember that being ‘different’ is what makes you, you. And that is what will create career opportunities that are perfect for you.



In a world of do, do, do, it’s time to be, be, be. Embrace solitude. Befriend yourself. Practice living in the moment. Practice the art of mindfulness. This will not only help heal old wounds but give you deep insights on your journey ahead.



How do you feel about your career trajectory? If things are not working out in tandem with your grand plan, put your warrior pants and fight for what is truly yours. Have the courage to face challenges. They will ultimately lead to growth.


Balance is a must in all areas of your life—career included. Given your capability to get ‘bored’ easily, it’s best to maintain a multicolored palette. There’s nothing you enjoy more than being creatively and intellectually stimulated.



Want to refine your skills? Turn to the master of the craft. And sometimes that means having to suck it up and listen to your boss.



Remember that a vision is nothing without action. The qualities you need to embrace at the moment: focus, hard work, and diligence. The magic recipe that will help you take things to the next level.



Stories. One of the most ancient forms of meditation. When you allow yourself to be open. To be vulnerable. And let the story flow through you. A lot can transform your life and the lives of those around. Get your tribe together and open up your hearts.



Karma is a two-way street. All the good you do—all the hard work you put in—eventually finds its way back to you. Harvest season is upon you! Partake in the feast but not without expressing your gratitude to the Universe that has always got your back.



Here’s to all the bad*ss empathy on the block! Your ability to tune into another person’s emotions is truly a superpower. You’ll find yourself playing shrink to others as things around you get heated up.