Horoscope Of The Day(2/9/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Here’s what happens when we compromise on our personal power: we betray our own truth, ergo ourselves. Look deeper into this pattern. Are you trying to trying to gain the approval of another person? This will only leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The best thing you can do for yourself: hold your ground.



In order to be your true self, you have to learn to rid the parts of you that are not authentic. Are you carrying the weight of condition? Are you judging yourself by societal standards? The burden of your inauthentic self is almost too heavy to bear. Shed the false skin. Drop the mask.



Once you realise your limitations are but an illusion, you set yourself free. You are no ordinary being. You are a wildflower. Challenges fuel your soul. Say yes evolution and growth!



Sit with the discomfort until it has no power over you. Are you really an ‘outsider’ or is this disclusion a projection of your mind? Recognise that the root of this emotion lies in your past. Once you start being comfortable with yourself, you will blur the boundaries between you and the world.



When we compromise on our own ideas to please others, we are doing a disservice to ourselves. And what does that leave you with? Guilt. Standing up for our truth is a not selfish, but a way of honouring your soul.



Individuality vs. personality. Know the difference. The latter a projection of the outer world. You are not who people think you are. This is your chance to get to the very core and discover your true self.



You are not this or that. Embrace the wholeness of being. The pleasures of the material world and the depth of spirit. Be present to every experience life has to offer you.



Part of living life fully is expressing you fully. When we judge the so called negative emotions, we suppress them. But they continue to influence ours from the darkness. Honour each and every emotion that comes up, including anger, sadness, hatred, and jealousy. That’s the only way to release and break free.



Get in touch with your core. That reservoir of pure power and creativity. Channel this dynamic force in every project you’re working on for best results.



Feel, don’t think. It’s a trap. No matter how many times you think and overthink your decision, you will not receive the clarity you are seeking. Tune into your feelings and let your heart guide the way.



The act of giving makes one richer, not poorer, whether you’re talking love or money and things. Now that’s something to think about when you feel tempted to hold onto things.



Who’s up for a cosmic experiment? Seek and you shall receive is applicable to all areas of your life, guidance included. This guidance comes to you in the form of your inner voice. Why would you look outside for answers when everything you seek is within?