Horoscope Of The Day (29/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Something’s changing within you today. You stop looking outside for direction. Your inner world is replete with wisdom. It is here that you find all the answers you need.



Feeling let down by somebody in your circle? No matter how much you think and overthink, you will never be able to understand their side of the story. Take charge of resolving the conflict. One word: communicate.



Work gets more demanding than it has in a long time. With so many new responsibilities, you’re spending way too much time learning the nitty gritties. Trust the process. You will receive your dues at the right time.



Want to travel for travel’s sake and find lucrative opportunities along the way? You can have it all. Limitation is nothing but a word. Find a way to expand your business beyond.



You are responsible for your emotions. You create your own reality. Dealing with a lover’s spat or friend who’s playing foe? Deal with the experience without letting it affect your core.



How do you feel about your current job profile? Are you seeking an opportunity that’s keeps you on your toes and provides financial satisfaction? Balance is the key. How about working on a project you love alongside your day job or turning a passion into a profession you love?



Now that you have laid the perfect foundation, it’s time to get like-minded people on board. People who share your ideas and ideals, and want to create ripples in the world! Who knew that working together could be an endless party?



When things at work get ugly, remind everybody what’s really important: the common goal. Getting caught up in ego tussles will keep the work in a limbo. Such a shame considering the magic that’s waiting to transpire!



Hit the pause button. It’s time for re-analysis as far as your career is concerned. If your gut is telling you this road leads to a dead-end, it probably does. What do you desire from your career? It’s time to make course correction now.



Your biggest revelation today: you are your own limitation. As you break free from self-sabotaging patterns, you’re able to manifest opportunities with some serious potential. Ready to seize the day?



As one journey comes to an end, you get ready to commence a new one. Reflect upon what helped you reach this far. Wear strength resilience and patience like an armour.



Standing in the midst of an emotional chaos? Something close to you doesn’t go the way you’d like it to, making you question your fears and your belief system. When something close to you doesn’t go the way you expect it too, disappoint is but natural.