Horoscope Of The Day (17/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Are you in experiencing a sense of soul loss? Feeling let down by the people who are supposed to have are ‘supposed’ to stand by you? Keep the faith strong, Aries! Let your inner guide hold space for you.



A word for the day: patience. With a side faith. You’re likely to find yourself in unlikely circumstances. Something that was moving at a fast pace slows down. You can’t push against the flow even if you want to. Trust that at the right time, things will turn around.



Make love, not war. You have manifested the perfect love in your life—a partner who understands you at a soul level. Then, why are you denying yourself this perfection? Why are you turning your back to love?



Hit by truth bomb? This is your moment of divine clarity! You know that vulnerability is a strength. With the one that you love, you are willing to let your guard down.



You know that weird and wonderful idea brewing inside you? What if that’s your gift to the world? Self-limiting beliefs are damned. You know it’s your time to shine. Nothing brings you more joy than working on the masterpiece you want to bring into the world.



People look at you say, “How can can you be so calm?” Your infinite strength comes from having dealt with life’s many storms.



Peace and love inside. Peace and love outside. It’s not as if you have been cheated on or let down. It’s just that you infinite faith in the goodness of Universe. And this faith is changing your reality right now.



Contemplating the end of your 9 to 5 life? The secret to winning the freelancer game: fine art of balance. Working on a couple of projects simultaneously should do you good.



Sometimes we have to delve into the darkness to find the light. The circumstances you’re dealing with force you take a pregnant pause. Brilliant! This is where your best ideas will come from.



Does the project before you bring in satisfaction and financial growth? If not, demand your worth. If the passage of time has taught you anything, it’s how to stand in your power.



New opportunity on the horizon? Does it require you to take a 180 degree turn from everything you’ve learned? Do you think it will open up new doors for you? If yes, have the courage to move on from what you have created so far.



Hello, boss lady extraordinaire! Unfazed by life’s many challenges, you have learned to stand steady in your personal power. It’s not the time to empower those around. Lead by example.