Horoscope Of The Day (13/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


The heart knows what the heart knows. If you listen to it carefully, you will never need another sign. Let it guide you as you embark upon this journey.



Light a few candles. Listen to therapeutic music. Nourish yourself with food for the soul. It’s time to give yourself the TLC you deserve.



It’s time to assess your relationship with conflict. If it exists in your interactions with others, there’s a good chance it exists within you. Are you at odds with yourself? Let go of the judgments, Gemini! Give yourself the gift of love and compassion.



Passion is power. Setting your eyes on the destination is of no use if you aren’t willing to take a bold step towards it. Your fearlessness sets a shining example for the world.



Think big. It’s time to build an empire made of jewels. Invest your time and money in projects that support this growth. You are in a position to refuse the ones that don’t.



Transparency is a superpower. Honesty is a super superpower. Communicating with your partner from this space will change your equation forever and help you build a deeper bond.



Evolution is spiral rather than a linear path. Is the bullsh*t you’re experiencing giving you a sense of deja vu? Stop, breathe, and ask yourself the truth you need to uncover this time ‘round. Nobody has the power to bring you down!



Your focus shifts to money this week. Ascertain your pro status. The sign board outside your office reads big gigs only. It’s time to start harnessing returns on what you have put in. Let’s talk long term benefits, baby!



Oh, life with its uncanny ability to go full circle! Did you feel you were wronged at some point? Did the circumstances you found yourself in befuddle you? Prepare to find the answers.



It’s time to retreat into the void. It is only when you have a blank slate can you start creating art. What is your message to the world? What are the gifts you’d like to share? Make your intent clear before you begin to create.



Focus on teamwork today. The ego has a way of interfering with the larger picture. Be wise enough to recognize this pattern. Operate from your higher self.

Today brings with itself a lesson in self-empowerment. How do you feel when faced with people who are potentially a threat to you? As they say ‘you are you and that’s your superpower’. Live by these words and nobody will be able to deter you from your path.