Horoscope Of The Day (11/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


You are who you are. Effortlessly. Unabashedly. The new being emerging from you is loving, radiant, and powerful. Embrace it fully.



Be mindful of fear that often rears its ugly head. You have nothing to be afraid. Here’s a reminder of existence, you are loved, protected, and taken care of. Surrender your worries to the forces to make your life a happier place.



With drastic shifts in the inner world, the outer world to is beginning to change. Old relationships wither away. Some find a way to withstand chaos and conflict. And the new ones help you uncover new sides of your own persona. Enjoy the process of learning about yourself through the people you have attracted.



Magic is not a prerogative of a few. It is all around you. Tune into the frequency of miracles. Let them open closed doors for you.



If you’ve been feeling drawn towards a new skill set or an art form, know that it’s not a coincidence. It is your calling. A calling that is likely to open to channels of realization and self-expression. Sign up for a course. Go back to your books. Or seek a mentor who will help you surrender to the process.



When we are at peace with ourselves is when we can be at peace with the world. Make time for contemplation, meditation, and study. Solo time will help you gain deep insights on your journey.



Surrender is no mean feat. It’s an act of absolute courage. The situation at hand is ready to transform, if only you surrender to the higher powers. Don’t think too much about the outcome. No matter what happens, things will turn in your favor.



As somebody who loves consciously, you know that your inner world reflects your outer reality. And today you choose to love. Your peace, harmony, and serenity.



When we start to believe that we are loved and taken care of, be given more power to existing to support our growth and evolution here on earth. You are truly blessed. As you bring this into your awareness, situations around you will miraculously turn in your favor.



What’s simply a feather to one person, is a sign of angelic presence to another. The Universe is talking to you in mysterious ways. The message, wholly personal. Allow yourself to tune into these gifts.



Enchantment. What a wonderful way of making the ordinary, extraordinary. The world around you transforms when you start to look at it through the eyes of a child.



What you’re intuiting at the moment is divine guidance from your higher self. Honor it. Allow it to guide you on this journey of evolution.