Horoscope Of The Day (7/8/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


The storm hath the finally passed. The testing times are now behind you. Everything is exactly how it is supposed to be—in perfect order. Your core is made up of peace and love.



Everything is exactly how it is supposed to be—in perfect order. If you find yourself hitting the panic button, stop and reconsider. Surrender yourself to higher forces. Every plot twist will be taken care of.



A project close to your heart is ready to be unveiled to the world. Are you feeling the butterflies where are you supposed to? Perfect! This is a sign that everything is soon turning in your favour.


You are not who you were yesterday. Tomorrow you will be a brand new person. Evolution is a constant on your path. Allow the winds of change to take their course. The process may seem daunting, but you will love waking up to the new version of you.



Career opportunities are aplenty. Be aware of your relationship with money. Are you trying to create more abundance in your life. Then choose, an opportunity that supports financial growth. You were not born to settle.



Your relationship with your father, mentor or fatherly figure in your life undergoes a powerful transformation. Give each other the gift of forgiveness. Heal old wounds. This will help you understand each other at a deeper level.



Repeat after me: I’m continuously creating abundance in my life. You relationship with money undergoes a huge shift. You are able to manifest more opportunities for wealth creation as you make this transition.



Baby steps? Nay! You’re ready to take a giant leap in the direction of that thing you love. Time is just an illusion. It’s never too late to pursue your dream job, open that cafe, start a blog, learn pottery, or buy a one-way ticket to Barcelona.



It’s time for a reality check. Are you feeling tied down by circumstances? Take ownership of your life. Consciously create a new reality. Destroy the self-limiting beliefs that are coming in your way.


Outer reality is the perfect reflection of our inner reality. Your message to the world: peace, love, and harmony! Raise the vibrations, Capricorn!


Life is not a battlefield. Be aware of the source of this conflict. Focus your energy on peace, love, and harmony to transform the situation for the better.



Two’s a party. Three’s a bigger party. Get your soul tribe together. Celebrate all the good things life has to offer.