Horoscope for 17th May, Thursday


By: Rashida

Aries: Well hello there, Aries! You seem to be getting a lot of attention today. If you are in a relationship, then you should take out some time for your partner. They need some attention from you too. This will help you gather your bearings and get a little inspired again. If you are single, then take all that flirtation you are getting with a pinch of salt, but enjoy it nonetheless!

Taurus: Wow Taurus, you seem to be full of motivation and energy today. Don’t let to go in vain, use it. It is clear that the stars want you to act on the things that you have been thinking about for the past few weeks. For those in relationships, it is time to take your relationship to the next level. Your collective compatible energy is ready for the evolution.

Gemini: Let us just say that the stars are in your favour, dear Gemini! Or may we say that the force is with you today. Take up the projects you have been a little nervous about, today you are bound to see success. If there is someone who has captured your heart and you have been incapable of telling them how you feel, today is the day to take the leap, and tell them!

Cancer: Cancer, you seem to be in a great mood. Today is one of the days when you are completely balanced. Your atmosphere and inner space are in harmony. Spend the day doing what you enjoy most. Work/studies will go peacefully today. We do see romance in the second half of the day for you. Looks like red roses are going to be a part of your evening.

Leo: Leo, you have been spending far too much off late. It is only mid-month and you are already see the bottom of your money cauldron. Dear Leo, while it is beautiful to be the king of the jungle, you need to let others pay their dues. Strongly suggest you ask people who owe you money to pay you back. Take it easy today, Leo. Home food and no parties!

Virgo: Confidence was high when you woke up this morning, wasn’t it Virgo? Looks that the Virgo stars are shining brightly today. There is only one thing that can work as well as luck, dear Virgo, and that is confidence. Take up whatever you planned on taking up, and you are bound to see the fruition that you expected.

Libra: Walking on egg-shells, are we Libra? Your personal life seems to be a war field, off late. You feel like one wrong move and everything will explode. Well, let me tell you, dear Libra, that you are the harbinger of balance. That is your purpose, and you never fail at that. S keep faith in yourself and do what needs to be done!

Scorpio: Dear Scorpio, you have been awfully moody off late, haven’t you? There has been something stressing you out and you refuse to talk about it. Your personal relationships are getting crushed under the weight of your stress, dear Scorpio. It is time you start talking about it. A little bit of exercise and meditation will help you exert the excessive negative energy. Sex works wonders too.

Sagittarius: Boredom is the bane of your existence, isn’t it Sagittarius? Off late, you have been feeling like your relationship is losing its spark. You feel like it is getting monotonous and boring! Discuss it with your partner and do something to spice it up. For those who are single, it is time you hit a new club, you will not find any new people in the same ‘ol hangout, will you?

Capricorn: So you have been feeling like you want someone to pamper you, love you and care for you, haven’t you, dear Capricorn? But you are not getting it because you refuse to admit that you are a hopeless romantic at heart. You and up friendzoning most of the people who adore you, and if you are in a relationship, you are treating your partner like a bro! Just admit that you are a romantic, and let it enter your life.

Aquarius: Dear Aquarius, your attention seeker side seems to be running wild, off late. You feel like your partner doesn’t have time enough for you, and that your family is a lot more critical about you than they used to be. Friends seem to be having lesser time to hang out as well. Please note that nobody else has changed. It is a mood swing, dear Aquarius, and it shall pass. Stay calm.

Pisces: You are just living your best life right now, aren’t you dear Pisces? You are getting a lot of attention and love, and those around you are respecting you for your opinions and thoughts. Your inner you is also completely peaceful. This is a good time to take up the arts. If there is a painting or a book or a sketch or anything creative that you have been thinking of completing, now is the time to do it!