Horoscope for 16th May, Wednesday


By: Rashida

Aries: You will see great positive headway at work. Those who have been giving you the silent treatment for a while will start opening up to you again. Your ideas will see positive responses as well. While you are doing famously at work, the midweek blues may seem to find their way to you. The best way to beat it would be to spend some time with close friends.

Taurus: You have been playing it safe so far. While this has worked for you, you are not getting the kind of growth that you deserve. Today you need to focus on breaking some new ground. You need to think incredibly out of the box. For that you may need to change your style a little. colorscolours that you wouldn’t wear normally, and try experimenting with food. It will help.

Gemini: Today is a good day for you. The stars suggest that you may see some real signs of stability on the financial front. Don’t let that get ahead of you, but it will be a source of great comfort. Share this good news with a loved one. You will need to give yourself some rest and relaxation today. Spending the evening relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine may not be such a bad idea.

Cancer: For those of you who enjoyed some time playing their favourite sport, or just worked out yesterday, today will be full of positive energy. The aura of your energy will be so strong that those around you will also get carried away in it. This is a great place to be in, so enjoy it, dear Cancer!

Leo: Dear Leo, it is okay to not be okay all the time. Today, you need to accept that in yourself. Even a king or queen is human, and you need to stop having unrealistic expectations of yourself. Spending time with those who love you unconditionally will help. Be with the people who love you, and not what you do for them. That is how you know if they love you unconditionally.

Virgo: Your chakras are getting aligned to each other again. For the past few weeks, you have not felt on top of your game, because you had been focusing too much on one thing only. With your relationships being on the track to harmony again, you will find that your work endeavours are also reaching fruition. It is a wonderful feeling!

Libra: You seem to have woken up on the right side of the bed. Your mood is chipper and you seem to be on point since morning. Professionally, everything seems to be on the right track for you. Great new endeavours coming soon, that you are completely ready for. Personal relationships will stop being as bad as they have been, and you will find some sense of balance finding its way in.

Scorpio: We recently learned how to reign in the energy, didn’t we Scorpio? Staying calm is extremely important to your physical, mental and emotional health. Today you will need to practice staying calm and detaching from things. There may be unintentional attacks on your health. Staying calm and not getting caught up in the argument will be important.

Sagittarius: Today will be slightly stressful for you, dear Sagittarius. This stress may manifest on to your personal relationships as well. As such it is very important for you to not assume the worst from your loved ones. Remember that they do care about you, and all questioning is not to put you in a spot, but to ensure that you don’t get into one.

Capricorn: Today is going to be an overall positive day. Work will be average, if not great. Your health will be on your side. Family life won’t see any considerable knocks, and your love life seems to be on a safe and positive track. You need to know that intimacy is not something that needs to be reserved for a special occasion. Can try surprising your partner with some special treatment today!

Aquarius: It is not in the Aquarius nature to be stressed. But if you pay attention to your body, you will notice that you have started becoming stressed, off late. Relax; you have been taking the right, practical decisions till now. Keep your faith in timing intact. The way things have always worked out at the right time for you, they will continue to do so in the future as well.

Pisces: Today is a day for the single Pisces. Celestial energies have been aware of your need for a partner for a while. Today, you will meet a lot of people who, in different ways, will be good for you. Meet them without judging, and get too know them. There is a lesson here for you to learn, don’t ignore it.