Horoscope for 15th May, Tuesday


By: Rashida

Aries: You are full of positive energy today, dear Aries. This is a sign that your mind and body are in complete harmony with each other. Use this positive power to work for you in every walk of life. Want to tell someone how you feel about them? Tell them! Want to apologize to someone for a mistake you made? Tell them. This is your day!

Taurus: Wow Taurus! You are going to have a start struck day, of sorts! You may be meeting someone today who you truly admire a lot. Play it cool. Nervousness is only going to let them know how much you fancy them. Your love life will see an incredible lift today. Don’t hold back, dear Taurus. Let them know that it is mutual.

Gemini: Gemini, today is a day you need to spend with your partner. Those who are single need to take out time to spend with their close friends. Teamwork at work will be the key to getting important tasks completed. Those who are single are in a good place to find someone interesting today. So keep your eyes and heart open.

Cancer: We all know you love being home, dear Cancer. But it is equally important for you to start focusing on your fitness. You seem to have gotten comfortable and forgotten the athletic capabilities you possess. Today, you need to work yourself out, so that you are all out of excessive energy by the evening. Spend time with your loved one after sunset, and don’t hold back on the romance.

Leo: Irritation is showing clearly in your persona today, Leo! There is a chance a loved one comes up to you today and asks you “what’s wrong?” Please tell them what is bothering you. Don’t hold back. Your mind and body need rest, and you have not been giving them that. Today, take time out to listen to some soft music and just lay there. Take a nap in the afternoon, it will help.

Virgo: Today is a day of companionship for you. Looks like the stars are in the mood to take your relationship to the next level. Plan a meal with your special someone. Be it a nice brunch or a romantic dinner. Today, you need to show them how you feel about them. For those who are single, you seem to have taken your seductive abilities for granted. Pay attention to those you engage with. It is not just about the power you can have over them, but also what you can learn from them.

Libra: You have been noticing some changes in people around you for some time. Dear Libra, it is time you start focusing on getting the answers to why those behaviors have changed. Today, particularly, you may be at the receiving end of a lot of criticism. It is essential that you keep in mind that one can only improve after criticism if they take it positively.

Scorpio: Full of energy, are we Scorpio? Darling Scorpio, today you need to tone it down. It is a Scorpio trait to always go full throttle with everything. But today is one of the days that the universe is trying to communicate with you. So it is essential that you stop exuding the energy and conserve it so that you can complete the communication with the universe. Trust me, this can change a lot of things for you.

Sagittarius: You will have a lot of surprises and changes happening around you. When there is a lot of newness around you, your analytical mind will force you to start being attentive to the negative. While that is not such a bad thing. A lot of new things that happen today, may not seem completely positive in the start but will have a positive outcome, nonetheless. So, don’t give up on them. This includes a new love interest, as well.

Capricorn: Dear Capricorn, you have always had the good fortune to have positive people around you. It is your intrinsic strength to absorb from their pool of positivity and make it your own. That is where you derive your strength from. Today, you will need to use this strength for your loved one. They are hurting, and you will need to be the one to help them get through the pain and come out a winner.

Aquarius: Aquarius, you have never focused on finances. For you, if you have enough to spend on yourself and those you love, it is enough. However, today you will need to pay some attention to your finances. The stars are giving signs of financial losses if care is not taken. So please be vigilant of where you spend and who owes you. It would be best to not make any major financial commitments today.

Pisces: Today will be a day of high demand for you, dear Pisces. Your ability to look beyond the façade and connect with the universe is something that a lot of people around you will need to take advantage of. Today, don’t hold back. Let the celestial energy flow through you, drop your glamour of the day to day, and embrace your wise self.