Horoscope Of 8 May


By: Sonu Sharma

Aries: There is a happy surprise coming your way. You will see it when you can become innocent and full of awe again. This is something you have possibly not expected for yourself. Enjoy the gift beloved Aries.

Taurus: It’s time to feel a little light within yourself. Let go of the control you always need and get creative. Go with the flow and allow it to take over. Paint, sing, act, knit etc. Creative project

Gemini: Something seems to be changing around you. How you deal with it will be your story. You have the ability to see the learning in every shift and the need to welcome new beginnings. Accept it!

Cancer: You need a mood lifter. Run, walk, swim or just move your body in a way that makes you happy. This will let go of all the stagnant energy and you will be refreshed. Ready to go.

Leo: You are perfect just as you are and do not need any kind of massive changes unless you are called to them. It’s ok to be different, not fit into a mound for others to be comfortable.

Virgo: Today call for you to be grateful for everyone and everything that you have in the present moment. Take a walk down your mind and recap how you came to being who you are today, with gratitude.

Libra: How much do you value your best friend/s? When was the last time you showed it to them? Today, get back in touch with them. Do you also need a best friend right now? Reach out Libra!

Scorpio: The only answer to your present question is LOVE. You have to be reminded when you forget your ability to be as fluid and soft. You are emotional. But you don’t always have to be a hurricane.

Sagittarius: Have you been having enough water in the day? Have you been expressing your emotions in a healthy manner? Today take care of the fluids in your body and your diet. Go swimming if you will Sagittarius.

Capricorn: You are becoming too serious today. NO NO NO… it’s the day to laugh and see the funny in it all. You know you have the ability to do it. Drop the grump today Capricorn. It’s no good.

Aquarius: If you need help today, ask for it and it will be there. On the other hand, if you get the opportunity to be of help, do not shy away. There are powerful healers around you.

Pisces: Don’t be in a stingy or miserly mood. Sharing is called for today. You have enough and more to be able to share with anyone who needs things. Be expansive and do not hold on to things.