Horoscope Of The Day (18/7/17)


By: Karishma Rajani


Don't know where you're going? You know that there is a mysterious force taking you there. Keep the faith strong, Aries! You'll have much to celebrate about soon.


In silence lies your strength, because you know that the last laugh will be yours. Soon you will receive the emotional and material rewards for the seeds you are sowing at the moment.


The only way to win the war: to break free from preconceived notions. What if your carefully conceived plan is not the best one. Give yourself a chance to rethink your game.


If there's anything this life altering experience has taught you, it is that there is a mysterious force working in your favor. This, right now, is a process of coming into your own. Keep the faith alive!


If you find your mind playing tricks on you, remind yourself of how it is an unwarranted guest. Don't get caught up in this trap of irrational fears. They have no basis in reality. Keep your friends and family close. That's where you will find the strength to get you through the troubled times.  


Don't get lost in a trap of emotions. When people let you down, it's a downward spiral. Stay in your power!


Your relationship with money undergoes a paradigm shift. Usually, you hold no bars held the policy with near and dear ones. What's yours is theirs. But is what is theirs yours? You'll know the friendships that are worth investing in.


A man in your life is likely to get on your nerves with his rigid and practical ways. What is a shot of practicality is what you need in your idealistic world? Stand your ground, but listen to the perspective of the other.


Confessed your feeling of undying love? There's a brand new chapter of romance waiting to be written. If not you, somebody close could enter a marriage liaison. 


Stick to your ideals, no matter how much that makes you stick out from the crowd. It is your superpower. It is what has gotten you this far. What if your vision is the light they need at the moment?


'Is it really time to move on?' you wonder as you look at your empire. Sometimes we need to walk from that which we have built because a better future awaits. You may not be able to make sense of it now, but soon you will know how to identify an opportunity a mile away.


Reconsidering your career choices? Peace and harmony are important in the grand scheme of things. Don't run away from current opportunities because you feel you may have discord with people. If it's good for you, stick it out, and find a way around the situation.