According to your zodiac, how will be your married life in 2018!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries - For Aries, 2018 seems to be very fortunate in regard to married life. Both of you will spend a lot of time and there will be romantic dinners, outings and the year will be full of love and romance.

Taurus – 2018 will be a mixed year for you. In the starting of the year, your relations with your partner will not be cordial but the later half of the year will be filled with happiness.

Gemini – In terms of Married life, 2018 will be a good year for you. Inspite of all the quarrels and tension, a different bonding will develop between both of you.

Cancer – For Cancerians, this coming will not bring good results. Both of you will not care for other’s feelings and will try to dominate each other.

Leo – 2018 will be a very auspicious year in regard to married life. You might face some tough situations in your life but both of you will fight against the same and things will be in your favor. Your bond with your partner will increase

Virgo – 2018 will be a mixed year for you and due to your temper, the distance between both of you will increase but your issues with each other will be resolved peacefully in the later half of the year.

Libra – For Librans, 2018 will be a promising year in terms of married life. This year romance will be back in your life and there will be satisfactory bed pleasures.

Scorpio – This year will bring average results and both of you will spend quality time with each other but the health issues of your partner will have bad influence on your love life

Sagittarius - This year will bring average results. In spite of all the clashes and quarrels, bonding between both of you will increase with your mutual understanding.

Capricorn – 2018 will not be a fortunate year for your married life and there will be frequent disputes and clashes. Also, there is the probability that your partner might indulge in extramarital affair.

Aquarius – 2018 will be positive on the marriage front and you will have happy and harmonious married life. Also, there are chances that your partner will get fame this year and there will be a lot of celebrations.

Pisces – This year seems lucky for you and your relationship with each other will be cordial and your understanding level will increase.