Monthly Horoscope Of April 2018

By: Pushtiie

Aries: HELP! Is going to be a huge part of your new month. Either you will give it or be open to receive it. There is a possibility you will have an opportunity to start something new. Completely not connected to what you have been doing in the past and it may be very scary. Someone younger than you will possibly ask for help with what they what to do. Their strength and courage will inspire you. Receive it. This exchange of energies will bring about great progress in your life. Don’t let anything stop you from moving forward this month.

Taurus: It’s a month of making sure you are dealing with YOUR personal stuff. Many others will try to piggyback their burdens on you and get you to deal with them. Make sure you DECLINE the offer. If you realize you have been carrying things for others in the past, this is the right time to give it back to them with the utmost love and gratitude. Remember to make yourself strong and available to yourself. There may be travel. Something that takes you away from home for a bit. Try to stay in touch, consciously, as much as possible.

Gemini: “POSSIBILITIES” is the energy of the month for you. All that you want is already around you but you have to identify what it is you would really like to use. As a performer, you are about to have much more than what you thought you could handle. Start making practice an important part of your day and be sure you are persistent with it. You will find new ways to deal with old things. Experiment! There is also a possibility of meeting someone strong who will support you. Your personal power will increase with careful consideration this April.

Cancer: “MASSIVE CHANGE” is the energy for the month for you Cancer! You are known to want to hold on to things and not let them go. This comes from your sentimental nature. But this is a month where you are going to have to learn to let go of something you are comfortable with for better things to come up. It may be difficult at the start but you will see the good in it sooner than expected. Look around, there is an opening into the future even before the old is let go of. Be open to a lot of learning this April.

Leo: “GUIDANCE” is the energy for this month. Either you will meet someone who will teach you about the need to relax and create a conscious connection between the mind and body or you will be the one teaching. Learning is not always from an institution actually. You may have experiences that lead you to this very realization again and again. It is the time you tap into your knowledge and start acting on it. Maybe you need to share it so other benefits too. Work in small groups of three. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed, Leo.

Virgo: “ABUNDANCE” is the energy for the month, this time. There is plenty to go around and somehow it seems to stop at your doorstep this month. There are new things beginning and old things that were in progress are starting to show the first signs of maturity. All you need to do is say yes to life! This is, of course, not very easy. It involves a certain kind of flight in your heart and you being an earth sign find it difficult. Try to nurture yourself into growth and expansion. There could be a pregnancy in the story.

Libra: “INTUITIVE IMPULSE” is the energy of this month for you. You may be starting something new. You have to be careful about what you really want from it.  Are you starting on an impulse or an intuitive energetic nudge? There is a whole load of energy in this initiative and you are going to pump in more with your determination. Someone younger than you can also be of great help. It is possible or you to help mentor this young person as well. There will be mirrors that you will see and get clarity here, in this situation Libra.

Scorpio: “NURTURE” is the energy this month for you Scorpio. It looks like there is a woman, in your life, who is supportive and encouraging. Maybe you have not noticed or have taken her presence for granted. She is calm and nurturing. She is the one who is open to giving you, unconditional love. Maybe this month you have to be this kind of person for someone else. Be sure to keep for yourself what you need and not expend it all on the giving. This realization will work with all aspects of your life. Allow softness and grace.

Sagittarius: “ADDICTION” is the energy of the month for you, Sagittarius. There is a chance you may be holding on to things or people you know, intuitively, are bad for you. It feels really difficult to let go of them, especially emotionally. This is the month where you take a stand and truly let go of the negative influences in your life. Before that, you need to identify them and be clear about how you will release. Prepare yourself emotionally and you will surprise yourself. Don’t get attracted to anything that are too easy and quick. It may be a trap.

Capricorn: “KEEPING ON” in the present moment is the kind of energy this month has for you. You are tired and you want to take a break. But you need to be fighting every battle you are invited to is cause for concern this time. You have the freedom to choose and the ability too. Also be aware of what fights are real and what are created by your mind. Telling you to relax will not help as you are too high strung right now. But spare a little time, do a message on your body is fit for your next battle.

Aquarius: “UNEXPECTED” energies are coming your way this month and you need to be prepared. This doesn’t mean it will be all bad. Good things can also happen suddenly. But they may just be different and unexpected. The other aspect of this month is the kind of opportunities around you. There are many and maybe you have not yet been able to see them. Take the time to look around at the work and personal life. There is much you can do and are unaware of. Make the most of these opportunities before they spin out of reach, Aquarius.

Pisces: “TOGETHERNESS” is the energy of this month for you. It is about to show you that success and abundance is not all about the financial or the material. Spending time with loved ones, especially family, is more wealth than you can imagine. There is so much coming to you through hereditary. To activate all these energies of love and richness in your life and make them work for you, you have to go back to the source. The family is this source be it the biological or work, or any other group you consider family. Go back and reconnect. Share!