Which Social Networking Platform You Are, Based On Your Sun Sign!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries – The first sign of the zodiac, Aries are very passionate and attention seekers. As per your personality, Hi5 is the social networking platform that you would be.

Taurus – Taurus are very determined and reliable and just like this trait of theirs, WhatsApp is the social networking platform that they would be.

Gemini – Geminis are very clever, talkative and humorous. Only a few words are enough for them to express themselves and Twitter is the web platform which is their kind.

Cancer - The emotional and moody Cancerians loves penning down their feelings along with a beautiful picture. As per your style, Tumblr is the social networking platform that you would be.

Leo – Leos are very beautiful and are attention seekers, they love people writing good things about them on their profile. Orkut, which does not exist now was the platform which was of their kind.

Virgos – Virgos are very self - obsessed and they like writing about themselves and showing off. That is why Facebook, wherein you can write so much about yourself is the social media platform that perfectly suits you.

Librans – Librans are very sweet, flirty and romantic in nature. This is why they would choose Tinder, a social media platform that has dating options.

Scorpio - Scorpions are very romantic in nature and they love doing all the dirty talks. Kik is the social media platform that they would be.

Sagittarius - Sagittarius are very energizing and fun loving. The most popular social app, Snapshot is the one that they would prefer.

Capricorn – Capricorns are very career oriented and professional. Nothing other than Linkedin, the famous professional networking platform would suit them.

Aquarius – Aquarians are very communicative, intelligent and they like making friends and Yahoo Messenger is the one which is their kind of platform.

Pisces - Pisces have a lot of mood swings and they are very different from others. All these things make unique and famous Instagram app their platform.