Horoscope Of March 2018

By: Pushtiie

Aries: This is the month to become aware of all that is happening around you. Slowdown on the action front and start putting things in perspective. You have all of this month to make plans to the last detail. You possibly have people around you who are waiting to look at what is happening and you possibly feel a little judged because of that. But your power comes from knowing that you have your own pace and you can stick to it. You will have the allies and they will be helpful. Finally, it will all be your own decision, Aries.


Taurus: All your hard work has paid off. This is a month of satisfaction and some much needed quiet. Everything you have wanted to manifest and one by one, you are ticking things off the checklist. In the end, you are going to a content soul. A deep breath of relaxation will be a constant, feature this month. Now is the time to pay attention to your health and slow down. Some time by yourself in nature and in your own space is necessary to applaud your recent achievements. Do not be in a hurry to start planning further already.


Gemini: Create, Play, Make a Mess. The creative side will pop out strongly and you will lean towards the artistic. The kind of expression you want to give it completely depends on you. Take the time to enjoy the smaller and so-called, unimportant, things in life. Approach this month with the new found enthusiasm of a baby. This is a mindset of growth and observation. Its quality is the most important. Learn to fall in love all over again. Tap into the energy you want to carry forward and know that you will stand by it. You have it in you.


Cancer: Everything is settled. Everything is looked after. Now you are looking for the next thing to do. This is a great month to experiment with new things after you have basked in the glory of your recent victories. Research is going to be a huge part of the experience. Look around you. Finally, your mind is free of any limitations and you are feeling the relaxation. It is also the time you reconnect with people and things that have been ignored in all the hard work you were doing of late. Come out of work mode and relax a little.


Leo: You have to find your way forward this month, Leo. The hanging in limbo phase is about to end and a decision is calling. You may be at a crossroads, but you cannot sit there forever. Right, left, up or down… make a choice and make a move. If you do not vibrate it later you can still change the path. As long as you know where you want to go, you will make your path. The nudge is to take the first step. Enough though and research. Drop your limiting beliefs and move on a lion. Time to hunt.


Virgo: Hard work and keen observation is the motto for the month. It may feel like a difficult one to endure, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You seem to be caught up in self-doubt and the need to be accepted by the others. What you may be missing out on is that you are already accepted. Your mind is the only thing keeping from truly feeling it. Will you manifest scarcity financially and ill health to prove yourself right or will you challenge the thoughts this month? Will you take control again? You know you can!


Libra: You are going to follow your bliss to the best of your abilities, this month. It is a time for your passions to soar and take you places you have only dreamt of. This is a wonderful energy to have for the month. But you do have to be careful too. Make sure you will follow through with your initial enthusiasm and not change your mind when you get bored. If this is not you, be aware of the kind of people who are meeting you about a job, a relationship, a scheme… just about anything. Act only after final confirmations!


Scorpio: If you are looking for some sort of justice, it will be given to you this month. But if you are looking for justice to be met out to another in accordance with your mindset, STOP NOW! Everyone will have their bit of justice as and how they deserve it. You just focus on truth, honesty, and faithfulness right now. Be aware of the energy you are putting out this month as it will come back to you, triple fold. Try sorting out the issues you are holding you soon. This is a great month for overall balance.


Sagittarius: What area of your life are you stuck in? Or even just feel like that? Fact is… you are just looking at it from one angle. You need a shift in perspective. Look at it upside down if need be. The answers, this month, will be all in front of you but you may miss them. It's ok. Now that you have been warned, become aware of it. There is intense learning this month, but there is also tons of fun and experimenting. All this only if you decide to change the way you look! You will enjoy this for sure.


Capricorn: You have everything you need and most of what you want too. Life is full of gifts if you open your heart and spirit to them. Prosperity and abundance come in many forms you just have to allow them in. To bring in more, this month, be grateful for all that you already have and express that gratitude loud and clear, Capricorn. Be grounded in your source and banish doubt from the kingdom of your heart, it now has no place there. Rule… with an open mind and heart. Allow others to come and share their expertise with you too.


Aquarius: Sometimes the Universe gives you a boost. This is one of those months. Don’t miss the opportunity when it comes, full of positive potential. The energy boost can be in any aspect of your life. You just need to be aware of when it comes and how you can make the most of it this month. Be aware and don’t step back with the intensity that is coming. Gradually start making yourself aware of how you will deal with this new surge and also convert it to your benefit. It’s a potentially wonderful, powerful and life-changing time for these 31 days!


Pisces: Sometimes you just have to be gone from where you are in that moment. This month know that you can up and leave the situations that are just not working for you. A job, a relationship, a deal, anything. Be brave and powerful enough to take a stand and head in the direction of your growth. Leave the guilt be. If there are others around who want to help or go with you, help them too! Make sure you are leaving all that is the cause of your decision, behind. No point in carrying with you what you are going away from.