Which zodiac sign will turn out to be your bestie!

By: Sonu Sharma

Your zodiac sign can help you in choosing your best friend -

Aries & Aquarius – You both love adventure and travelling and when both of you together make a great team and do lot of fun. There is a great understanding between both of you.

Taurus and Cancer – Both of you have similar traits and you look more like a family than friends. There is an unbreakable bond between both of you and your compatibity in incredible.

Gemini and Aquarius - Geminis are extremely supportive are fun to hang out with. Aquarians are good for Geminis because they are also supportive, loyal and fun loving. Both of them love socialising and going out.

Cancer and Pisces – You both have very strong personalities and give lot of importance to each other’s independence and this makes your friendship stronger. Pisces encourages Cancerian to come out of their comfort zone and explore other things.

Leo and Sagittarius - Leos are the very optimistic, energetic, and fun loving and Sagittarius are of very jolly nature, good at making friends. They both put their energy in to making their friendship lasts for ever.

Virgo and Taurus – Virgos and Taurus make great friends because they have a good time together and they make each other laugh constantly. Their compatibility is very unbelievable and both of them are very cool minded and easy going.

Scorpio and Cancer – Both Scorpions and Cancerian makes an unbelievable pair and they share the same traits. You respect each other and understand each other very well.