A spacious south-facing house: is it good or bad for its occupants? - StarzSpeak

A spacious south-facing house: is it good or bad for its occupants? - StarzSpeak

A spacious south-facing house: is it good or bad for its occupants?

A south-facing home is a second option for people looking to purchase a home for themselves. The suspicions and myths that surround it are what raise these doubts. Today, we will learn the true facts and features associated with the south-facing house from the eminent Vastu expert, Mr. Benaki Pal.
Since the last two decades, south-facing houses have gained a very bad reputation and negative popularity with most people. Many of them think that every large house facing south is ominous, but it is nothing more than a big mistake. There is no misdirection in the spacious. It all depends on many rules and how they are implemented. Therefore, if the rules of wide spaces are correctly followed, even a spacious south-facing house can bring prosperity and be auspicious for the inhabitants. Therefore, if you are thinking of acquiring a south-facing plot, this blog is just for you.
In general, each direction is associated with some deity and element and the correct alignment can help to have a positive impact on our lives and failure to do so can have serious consequences. We have already covered the importance of the North versus the vast in our previous article. People are often confused when estimating the directional orientation of their possessions, so let's start by understanding the same and a few other aspects.

What does a spacious house facing south mean?

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The direction you look when you leave your home through the front door is your home address. So if you are facing south while doing this, you are staying in a spacious south facing home. The same goes for other addresses.

What are some of the most common myths associated with the south-facing home?

There are many myths that prevail among people when it comes to the south-facing house. Some of these destinations are bad luck, illness, disability, and financial loss.

As you can see, these are some pretty serious problems, which is why many people avoid looking south on a huge house at all costs. However, most of them are distributed among people only due to incorrect knowledge and lack of expert guidance. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to seek the advice of a broad expert before buying any property, as they can guide you properly to ensure that the property fully complies with the general rules.

The benefits of having a spacious south-facing home, according to experts

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After taking a look at the legends, it's time to discover the benefits associated with a south-facing home patio.

Despite popular myths, having a south-facing home can be exceptionally beneficial for some people, if the driveway is placed on 3 platforms (we'll discuss this later in the next section). Business owners may be a good fit for such a property, but using people involved in providing services is highly recommended. It is also a very powerful source of success and prosperity, if the south-facing building is considered an industrial office or workplace. That is why, most of the time, these people recommend a spacious house facing south, rather than another directional orientation.

Another great benefit you get is enough sunlight in your home. Since the sun is the main source of energy for us, it fills our home with positive emotions and feelings. In addition, natural light improves the mood of the occupants and also significantly reduces the dependence on artificial lighting. It is also a rich source of vitamin D and exposure for a few hours is good for your health, but be careful with exposure for too long or it may cause skin irritation or sunburn.

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For locations with colder climates, having a spacious south-facing home is an added advantage to buying the property, as most of the sunlight provides natural heating in the home. Similarly, for places with warmer climates, this should be avoided, or at least there should be enough shade around the house. However, these days, with the massive use of air conditioning and air coolers, this does not cause major inconvenience.

Who is the best person to buy a spacious south-facing house?

A spacious south-facing home is not for everyone. Therefore, before making any purchase, it is important to evaluate the efficiency of the occupants with respect to the wide area. The needs of the residents, along with their profession and / or their zodiac signs, are also critical.

Let's move on to understand the basic rules regarding the location of various rooms and the front door that you need to adhere to when acquiring a spacious south-facing house.

Place the main entrance to the south in front of the spacious house.

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The front entrance is the threshold of any house and its direction plays an important rule. Due to their complex nature, many broad-spectrum counselors recommend avoiding them altogether. But you need an expert to get the most out of the spacious south-facing home. Their advice on the location of the front entrance can help you, the occupants of the house, gain wealth and prosperity.

According to traditional Vastu writings, there are some energy fields in the south where the entrance can be placed for better effects. To do this, we need to understand some of the detailed aspects of scaling. There are 8 steps on the south side of the house, which are known as Padas in Vastu. Each of these has its own characteristics and importance. From west to east (from left to right), these are called: Merigah, Bhringraj, Gandharva, Vama, Ghrihaksat, Vithath, Posha and Anil.

The ideal places to place the front entrance in a south-facing home are Pusha, Vitatha, and Grihakshat, which can help build wealth, good health, and prosperity.

Is it from the south in front of the vast house?
  • Place the main door at 3 or 4 pada of Vithatha or Gruhakshat of the house facing south.
  • Place the bedroom facing north or east.
  • Make sure the plot is sloping from south to north (if the plot is sloping)
  • Place the kitchen in the southeast corner followed by the northwest.
  • Make sure the plot is sloping from south to north (if the plot is sloping)
  • Place the pooja room in the northeast.
  • Design a garden but only on the southeast or south side.
  • Place the ladder only in a south, west, or southwest direction.
  • Make sure the south walls are taller and thicker than the north walls.
  • Place the septic tank in the west of the northwest (WNW) or south of the southwest (SSW).
  • Choose interface colors carefully. Choose red and orange for it.
Southern donut in front of a spacious house

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  • Avoid the southwest corner of the main entrance.
  • Avoid painting the front of the house black, blue, or gray.
  • In particular, avoid any groundwater reservoirs at the front of the south-facing plot.
  • Strictly avoid placing the kitchen in the southwest corner
  • Make sure there is no crossroads or T-junction in front of a south-facing parcel.
  • Avoid random mirror placement in a south-facing home.
  • Avoid placing a garden in the southwest corner.
  • In particular the terrain that descends from north to south.
  • Avoid placing the kitchen in the southwest.
  • Avoid placing the parking lot facing south.

As you can see, despite the legends, a south-facing house can be lucky for many people. It can lead to prosperity and financial gain. However, these are just general rules, you cannot purchase a south-facing property based solely on these factors. Therefore, you should consult a broad expert for further assistance to ensure that the principles of vatsu are properly adhered to. With the help of him, you can turn an ordinary piece of land into the house of your dreams.

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