Career prediction of Miss Universe Elisa Gray

By: Starzspeak Desk

Name- Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray 

Date of Birth- 6 January 1994

Age- 24 years

Place of Birth- Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Height- 5 ft 10 inch

Title’s Won- Little Miss Philippines 1999 Miss World Philippines 2016 Miss Universe Philippines 2018 Miss Universe 2018

Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray, recently crowned as Miss Universe 2018 is an actress, model, television host and holds several beauty pageant titles. She has also been crowned formerly as the Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and Miss World Philippines 2016. She is the only Filipino to participate in beauty pageants like Miss Universe and Miss World.

Career Predictions-

Elisa Gray is a Capricorn and hence has the characteristics of being bold and beautiful. She is a perfect example of beauty with brains that is rightly proved with the accolades and title that she has won. She is outspoken and does not fear to speak her mind. She like to take new and revolutionary steps. Her stars favor her bold moves due to her strong will power.

Her stars suggest that this is just the beginning of a year of explorations. She will continue to achieve great success in the year ahead. Also she will get a chance to meet influential people and make her mark. She will receive many modeling projects and through her hard work and dedication and due to the constant shift of the Moon in her sunsign she shall continue to grow.

Future Predictions

The stars predict that Elisa will be guided by seniors, elders and superiors at influential position which will help her in achieving her aspirations. Elisa shall grow professionally but will also strengthen her personal bonds. Although in the coming year she may have to take up certain responsibilities at the forefront and will have to balance her career and personal life both very amicably. She will maintain a good relationship with her family. Elisa must stay aware of her rivals and not let her secrets out to everyone. Though she speaks her mind loud but certain precautions are necessary.

On the love front she will have little turbulences in her love life but she knows how to manage her issues well and shall not let it affect her on the outside. Jupiter is currently transiting through the 2nd house and over natal Sun which means that she will rise to be even more popular and this will also lead to great financial gains. We advice her to invest wisely in trusted ventures only.