What is Voodoo Black Magic?

By: Manmeet Kaur Tura

Voodoo culture is derived from ancient African religions. They were a firm believer of the Black Magic. When they were incorporated into the Voodoo culture, the observance of Black Magic also was incorporated in the new religion. The magic can be performed only by someone who has mastered the skill and they primarily use Voodoo Dolls.

Voodoo has been associated with contemporary "black magic" over the years. They are somewhat related but while hexing or cursing may be considered as black magic practices, Voodoo has its own distinct history and traditions.


Singing is among significant rituals as part of voodoo worship. These songs have been scripted and passed down for hundreds of years. Along with the songs the practitioners pat, clap and stomp their foot but no drums are played. Although it did used to happen during the weekly public ceremony in Congo Square in New Orleans during slavery times.

Songs describe the personalities for the divine being, like their names, likes and dislikes, source, responsibilities, power, and weaknesses. Sometimes the songs are sung addressing the deities, and sometimes they are sung as if the deities themselves were speaking (or singing). Many songs replicate the tunes of the Catholic Church, as well as relate the Catholic saints with African deities.

No new songs can be added to the voodoo collection, yet there are two cases when such a thing is possible. The first is if someone has heard the song in a dream, as it is believed that it is  a spirit's revelation. A second case is if a person is in a possessed trance and under possession asks the people around them to sing it and remember it. In such cases it is considered that the spirit wants to add these songs to the voodoo culture.  

There are four phases in a voodoo ritual, all restricted to the song being sung; preparation, invocation, possession and farewell. The songs are used to allow an open passage between the deities and the human world. This way the spirits are invited to possess someone.

Magic Through Voodoo Dolls- As per the Voodoo culture the magic is performed primarily through the use of Magic Dolls. It is believed that through these dolls replicate the sufferer and a practitioner can give the other person pain and can even kill the victim.

The one who performs magic needs to understand the voodoo culture well and requires a doll to be made out of fabric.  The doll should resemble a proper human and a part of the victim must be attached with the doll. For example, a lock of hair or skin.  The spells need to be performed in the correct way  else it is believed that they could backfire. He then performs spells in order to take control over the victim. Though it is glorified by the Hollywood and Bollywood movies, it should not be performed by anyone who doesn’t have the correct knowledge of it.

Voodoo Pins-

The dolls have pins inserted in them and they are of many types and colors in Voodoo magic. Each pin is used for separate activity and each has a color which carries a different meaning.

Seven Voodoo Pins And Their Energies:

  • Red –  Power
  • Black –  Repelling negative Energy
  • White –  Positive
  • Blue –  Love
  • Green –  Money
  • Yellow –  Success
  • Purple –  Spirituality

Voodoo Dolls can hurt you!

In many extreme cases the Voodoo dolls and magic can be used to hurt a person. It is believed that when certain spells are performed on the doll they affect the victim. The doll is then pierced with needles which are actually felt by the sufferer and the effects can even lead to pain, paralysis and death.  Worst is the twisting of the doll as it is said that it could result in the death of the prey!