Horoscope for 26th May

By: Rashida


Today is going to be all about encouraging others to be the best version of them. You exude enthusiasm and that is your super power. Those needing emotional support or encouragement will reach out to you, and guiding them right is your purpose for the day. Don't take it too seriously, you will enjoy it as well


Those of you who are single have been looking for "the one" for a while now. It is safe to say that it has been far too long. Don't give up hope. Today holds promise. While they may or may not be you’re "forever someone" they will surely fill your life with a ton of love and happiness in the present. Allow them to do it and enjoy it while it lasts. You need to remember that nothing, truly, lasts forever.


Your positive energy will be what will get you through the day today. You feel great about yourself and that is what you need to focus on. There will be trivial challenges that may try to get you down, but don't give in to them. Don't forget that there is no issue you cannot surmount and ace. It is your day; don't let tiny issues in your periphery take it away from you.


You often focus a lot of your energy on the sensual joys of life. Today, it is important that you focus on building the emotional strength of relationship. Reconnect with friends who you haven’t spoken to in a while, and have a heart-to-heart with your partner. Sex is not the only fulfilment that your soul seeks.


You have been playing it safe so far. While this has worked for you, you are not getting the kind of growth that you deserve. Today you need to focus on breaking some new ground. You need to think incredibly out of the box. For that you may need to change your style a little. Put on colours that you wouldn’t wear normally, and try experimenting with food. It will help.


Not the best day for you today. Your greatest adversary, a headache, will haunt you today. Don't let it get your down. A nap to calm you down will help. There is a friend who needs you, and you can feel it. Reach out to them; you may be saving a life while doing that. A student may disappoint you today, don't take it to heart. Forgive and move on.


You seem to have woken up on the right side of the bed. Your mood is chipper and you seem to be on point since morning. Professionally, everything seems to be on the right track for you. Great new endeavours coming soon, that you are completely ready for. Personal relationships will stop being as bad as they have been, and you will find some sense of balance finding its way in.


Well hello there! You seem to be getting a lot of attention today. If you are in a relationship, then you should take out some time for you partner. They need some attention from you too. This will help you gather your bearings and get a little inspired again. If you are single, then take all that flirtation you are getting with a pinch of salt, but enjoy it nonetheless!


You have been taking keen care of your health. That is great. However, off late you have been noticing that the health of those around you is not up to the mark. The most you can do in this case is guide them and be there for them. Constant nagging will not help, so ensure that you don’t crowd them with incessant advice.


All your hard work is soon going to pay off. Professionally, your game is going strong, and looks like everyone around you is also noticing it. You will have some people feeling envious about you, but you need to take it positively. Be kind to them too, and they will turn around.


Today is a day for you’re to enjoy the company of your significant other. Something about them is absolutely irresistible. This is because your aura currently needs you to bask in theirs. While your close friends may find this annoying, you can try having them around while you all enjoy peaceful amicable times together. A slight headache may come into his way, but you know the best way to get rid of it.


Not everyone is seeing and understanding what you are saying, isn't it. It tends to upset you at times, doesn't it? But that is what you are all about. You are all about the wisdom that others don't have. It is your blessing and your curse. So, accept it and move on. Do your duty of being available for the people in your life, and keep dreaming the future. That is your purpose