Best Hairstyle or Beard Style for your Zodiac

By: Rashida

We live in a very visual world. How you look plays a very vital role in how you are perceived. However, more than the external impact, how you look plays an imperative role in how you feel about yourself. So let us, in short, see which hairstyle (for women) or beard style (for men) is right for your zodiac.

Aries- A sexy bob cut would go best for an Aries woman. The fiery Aries believe strongly in action. An Aries woman is classy and sassy. And a Bob Cut is what will enhance that aspect of her personality the best. If you want an alternative, then a cute half-boho bun can also work for you. Aries is known to do what pleases them the most. Your saucy personality will get a boost with the half-boho bun.

An Aries man can carry a full beard in the most stylish way possible. Their care-a-damn attitude gets a new life with a full, but groomed, beard.


Taurus- Taurus is a typical low maintenance sign. Taurus doesn’t like taking too much effort to make themselves look a certain way for anyone else. A messy bun is a way to go for a Taurus. However, if you are going for a formal look for a special occasion, then try a simple but classy side braid.  

A Taurus man can carry a French beard like no other. However, there is a chance that it will be too high maintenance for you. A full beard would also be a good option for a Taurus man. Just use the right grooming tools and keep it well.


Gemini- A Gemini has two sides to themselves. They can want to look completely opposite at different times.  If you want to look professional and formal, go for a sleek French braid. Bangs suit Geminis like none other. For your wild and crazy times, you can choose to leave your hair open, with hair parted in middle. You can carry it off!

A Gemini can carry clean shave like none other. It can keep you from having to decide between looking formal or casual. You can also try a sleek moustache and goatee to give you the rebellious look you crave.


Cancer- Long tresses, simple and feminine, can accentuate the moony power of Cancer. Colouring the hair, may not be the best option for a Cancer. However, if you want to go for some stylish look, then going for a layered cut with ear length bangs can help you find your style.

A Cancer man can carry a full beard, trimmed to perfection, like none other. Because a Cancer is very particular about how they look and ensure that they keep themselves well-groomed, they will be able to not just carry it, but also maintain it.


Leo- Just like a lion, a Leo gets their self-confidence from their hair. Normally blessed with good hair density, a Leo should ideally keep their hair long. If you want to tie them up, a half hobo bun or a messy bun would be the way to go...

For the men, a full beard is a way to go. A Leo is as aesthetically inclined as they get, so maintenance is not even a question.


Virgo- Virgos believe in the simplicity of their beauty and are very practical. Medium length hair would be the way to go. For a dressier look, go for a stylish French braid with floral decoration.

Virgos can carry beard style. However, their love for low maintenance and simplicity gives them a stronger inclination to being cleanly shaven.


Libra-Libra is all about elegance. A stylish side braid is perfect for a Libra. Not only will it be easy to manage while they multitask with a million things, it will also go well with their cool external composure.

A slight stubble is what would work the best for Libra. It would work really well with their simple, yet impressive personality.


Scorpio-Scorpio is not a simple sign from any angle. Dutch braids would go perfectly with their sexy badass attitude. A Scorpio likes to express what they believe in through their looks, the Dutch braids would be perfect for that.

A sleek Balbo beard style would work perfectly for a Scorpio. It takes a lot to maintain, but Scorpio would ensure that they carry and maintain it to perfection.


Sagittarius-Crimped long hair, simply left open is the best style for Sagittarius.  They believe in simple and carefree living, in full connection with the elements. The simple look will go perfectly with their goddess-like personality.

A Sagittarius man can carry a Van Dyke styled beard like none other. It brings out the rebel in them.


Capricorn- Capricorns are very particular about how they look. Style and panache is a part of their day-to-day. A cute Pixie Cut is the perfect option for a Capricorn who dreams of ruling the world.

An extended goatee is a way to go for the stylish Capricorn man. The beard brings out their Alpha man side.


Aquarius- An Aquarius can carry any hairstyle. However, a short, layered wispy cut is what they can carry off best. You can try tying them up in a messy bun, as an alternative.

A short tapered beard would look good on an Aquarius man. An Aquarius prefers an ever-green dapper look, so there is lesser they need to worry about.


Pisces- Mystical and Romantic, we found the perfect hairstyle for Pisces. Half bows and hair bows would be just divine on these mystical creatures.

A little fuzz beard style would make complete sense for the Pisces man. They are dreamers who believe that nothing is impossible, and this beard style goes best with their personality.


So there it is. The best hairstyle or beard style for every zodiac sign. You can now go and get it done, and get the right look for you!