May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By: Pushtiie


HEALTH! The key to this month for you Aries is looking after your health in every area of your life. It will do you a world of good if you just look at everything that goes into your system. Everything that sustains you. This does not have to be FOOD alone. The emotions that go in, the thoughts that you accept, the belief systems you encourage. Everything needs to be reevaluated this month. You are offered a chance to get all healthy. Sustenance is what you have to look after this month. So health, relationships, work and the fun you can have.


TRANSFORMATION is the energy for the month for you Taurus. It is the time you will be guided out of a certain rut you are caught in. The key word here is Illusion. When you see yourself as anything else but complete and capable, you are caught in an illusion. The truth is that you are perfect and worthy and your ability to use your imagination to bring yourself there is forever present. Start seeing the possibility, no matter how uncommon they may seem.  Your mind has the potential to merge with the heart and create solutions all the time. Allow it!


ABUNDANCE is the energy for the month for you, Gemini. Everything that you have worked for and towards so hard in the last few months or even a year or years is looking like it is beginning to bear fruit. The incoming flow of plenty will possibly take you by surprise and overwhelm you a bit. But you are now forewarned. Start preparing for this good fortune and the changes it will bring in with it. The knowledge of the parents or ancestors will do you a world of good this month. Be mindful of all the harvest you get here too.  


SELF-INVENTORY is the energy for the month for you, Cancer! Take a deeper look at yourself. Everything in your life needs thorough examination this month if you want to create some big changes. A few months before the birthday and it is a great idea to start letting go of all that is not needed. Every area of your life will benefit from this kind of clarity. The newer plans need to be made. But before that, the older ones need to be cleaned out. There is a possibility you may lose interest in some of the people, activity and things around.


The PACE is the energy of the month for you, Leo. The advice is to start looking at things from ground “0”. The direction and the speed are what you need to decide this month. The obvious choice is going forward. Yet there is a good chance that you may want to go back and recheck a few things that you need clarity about. This is not going back quality wise. It is adding to it when you accelerate. The timing also needs to be taken into account. Not everything needs to be done immediately. Take it easy and cross all your “T’s”.


TRAVEL is the energy of this month for you, Virgo. Besides physical travel, which is obviously important, there is also the Journey you are about to make. This does not have to be a physical one only. The way you navigate your life path right now is being looked at. Are you in control of the pace, mode of transport and the destination? There is also a chance of changing homes, cities, countries or a job. The movement is what is of prime importance this month. Planning a small vacation may also prove fruitful for you. Journey onward and forward soldier!


INSIGHT is the energy of the month for you, Libra. Do you often see images in your mind’s eye that become an answer to a question you have? Don’t be surprised if you have a lot more of it this month. Your inner vision is opening and you are going to see things that others miss. You will be helped with the ability to visualize and gain insight on a regular basis. Try to sit in a little silence each day. You may also have a few headaches and migraines this month. Remember to rest and rejuvenate with closed eyes. Check for glasses.


BREATH is the energy of the month for you, Scorpio. Your breath is the key to your manifestation this month. Not only will it tell you what mood you are in and the reaction your body is having to the things around it… it will also show you how to change it to attain a particular state. Be loving and playful all of this month since that is the flow for you. Follow your feeling to peruse creative endeavors. Spend time with water. Swim. Read up about sacred texts that talk about the subject that interests you. Begin a new exploration.


OPTIONS is the energy for the month for you, Sagittarius. Allow your awareness to tune into the moment you are present in, at that moment. Remind yourself you always have a choice in every moment, all the time, without a doubt. The path you pick is what will determine your way forward and the quality of the journey thereon. This month will present a number of fresh new opportunities for you to pick from. And again the moment comes down to the choice you make. Awareness is the key for you to have a successful May. Dream more to make it a reality.


PATTERNS are the energy for your month, Capricorn. This month you will start to notice patterns that have shown up in your life for a while now. These need not be restricted to any one aspect. They will pop up through the entire spectrum of your life. This is your blessing. Many of these, as you will realize, have been blocking you from achieving what you have wanted, while others have only helped. This is the time you look and decide which services you and while do not. Time to deep clean. Spend some self-time in a safe environment as you do this work.


LEARNING is the energy of the month for you, Aquarius. This is an opportunity to learn what you have been waiting to for a while. Something that will make work or life much easier. Beyond that, it is time to acknowledge the mentors or the teachers that have guided you through your life. Right until now. Go back and thank them. There are many answers you are going to get this month and they will even come to you in your sleep, maybe as dreams. Pay attention to them. Not all problems are as serious as you might think they are.


COMMUNICATION is the energy of the month for you, Pisces. It is a beautiful time to be able to share what you are truly feeling with others. Make sure to be aware of HOW it appears to them too. Everyone has a unique style, just like you, and it is time to respect that. Put on your creative cap and start writing, singing, composing, painting… anything that helps you express yourself. This is not the time to hold your thoughts within. Be confident and feel safe to express yourself in a loving and gentle manner. Don’t be afraid of being misunderstood.