Horoscope Of 19 April


By: Pushtiie

Aries: There is a potential you are feeling very ill and battered today. But turn it around. Look at where you are right now. You will be surprised to see you are RIGHT where you want to be.

Taurus: It’s a day of foundations. Something will become official and more formal today. Be it a job appointment, an engagement or finalizing a trip. Things will be given a formal celebration. It’s a joyous day Taurus.

Gemini: It will feel like there is a cloud over your head. You need clarity. Confusion may be a dominant feeling. You may not be able to see the simple happiness. Look enough before you give up.

Cancer: You are experiencing deep-seated fears emerging today. You may feel a little closed off from everyone and everything and this might bring on some insecurities. Remember to a breadth and calm down. This is a phase.

Leo: Today can start you off on a new adventure. Do ahead but keep your focus on the end result. Don’t go in all directions. Check any unformed plans. Don’t be overconfident or things may be unfinished.

Virgo: Have you been feeling a little lost nowadays? You seem to be looking over the actual meaning of things that are in your hand. Stop being so stuck and start floating more today, Virgo.

Libra: It’s an opportunity to emerge from everything that is shrouding the matter or person in question and see the reality. It is the time to walk out from under the shadow and show yourself clearly too.

Scorpio: Being by yourself often bring out ideas that serve you the best. There may be a short trip or an intense work day that keeps you away. You are very close to the goal. Don’t give up.

Sagittarius: Suddenness is the energy of the day. There is a lot of electronic communication that will bring all sorts of news. There is speed today but it is best to stay grounded and not get overwhelmed.

Capricorn: You have to see that completion lies in the union of the apparent opposites. To achieve the wild movement you seek you need to have that grounding in perfect balance. Unite and restart this journey. Onward!

Aquarius: To reach the crown you have to have the courage to fly high enough. For this, you need to know what is useful and what is not. Cut out all that feels like bondage holds you back.

Pisces: This is a celebration of the divine feminine within and without you. Pay attention to your sensitivity. You have this ability and it needs to be honored. It is your secret power to deal with life.