Horoscope Of 18 April


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Today you are in the position to give. You will meet many who will need your help and benefit from it too. Make sure you do not get a superiority complex. Just stay humble and grateful.

Taurus: It looks like you are going to be a little out of balance today. Things may happen to make you go that way, but you have the ability to observe and maneuver yourself out. Stay Grounded.

Gemini: High on energy you need to find a way to use it productively. Physical activity will be a good release. Mentally and emotionally be sure not to overwhelm the others around you with your energetic sharing.

Cancer: There could be a delay in the justice you seek or it may not work in your favor today. Be careful not to be the one delaying justice for another. Cuts and stitches. Write a little.

Leo: Today you are in your element, Leo. Ruling the roost and also being as stubborn you really are. Just make sure you do not get body aches. Allow another to make their point of view clear.

Virgo: There is a kind of finality in your day. Reaching this point may have been a bit of a struggle but now that you have, it will ease out. Avoid judging people and getting judged too.

Libra: There is the potential of a fight today. It may not be a full blown serious fight. But may escalate intone if you are not careful. Be the one to have their head on their shoulders.

Scorpio: Energy is your middle name. But something says that today you may feel a lack of it. If you are tired, make sure you don’t make decisions. Instead rest and rejuvenate. Take help to heal your body.

Sagittarius: You have a small victory and a celebration for it too. People are appreciating you today. Don’t let it get to your head. There is more work to be done and it is as important. Journeys!

Capricorn: Sometimes we believe that the reflections we look at are real. This is the kind of illusion you need to be aware of today. Things might just be the other way around. Stay grounded. Be real.

Aquarius: Your house is calling out to you. Make some changes in it that will make life more interesting. Where ever you spend a lot of time is the house. The body too. Happy space for finances.

Pisces: There is something rather special coming your way. It may not be very different but it will be something new. The quality of this is about newness. Don’t take anything for granted now.  Value it all.