Horoscope Of 16 April


By: Pushtiie

Aries: It’s the day to move forward with all the love and energy you have. Relationships will get better and creatively you will succeed. All you have to remember is to follow your heart. Ride the wave.

Taurus: Do you feel like you have too much to deal with, that you are backed up in a corner?  Look at that as your support, something you can lean on and use as your launch pad.

Gemini: Self-discipline is an important skill you will have to start cultivating. Having a certain amount of mastery over your mind and carnal being is basic today. You may also meet a feminine energy that will help.

Cancer: You have already set your energy into motion long back, today you are waiting for results. You are ready and maybe over expecting. Hold your ground patiently. It will all soon be here for you.

Leo: You seem to be getting overly emotional today. Balance this energy to work for you. You might have a feminine energy help you. Be aware of all your bodily liquids as well as your drinking, Leo.

Virgo: There is the want to go into action absolutely right now! But hold on. Channel all this energy into something that will give you clarity. Follow a physical routine for better health. Set it up today!

Libra: You have a chance to find balance today. If you are about to make an investment decision remember to diversify, right now. Travel is indicated by the growth in mind. Make your arrangements well in advance, Libra.

Scorpio: Why is there so much confusion about this? Open your heart and your eyes to things around you. The solution lies in accepting the way you “feel” about this. You cannot hide from it anymore, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: The ego often ends up breaking thing that means a lot to us. Relationships, partnerships, even the self. If that is the case today, and you feel like you are falling down. Just pause a while.

Capricorn: Something is getting more serious and you have to take a decision about it. This is a beautiful balance you have been waiting for. It will bring freshness and completion to you. Stay grounded in love!

Aquarius: It’s a day of utmost abundance and growth. The house and the bank are both very happy. The new project idea is a good one and you will be appreciated. Careful who you share it with.

Pisces: You are in luck today. Whatever you do will actually turn out really good. It’s just that kind of day. Take a risk and know it will be successful. Adopt a pet? Just don’t be naive.