Horoscope Of 15 April


By: Pushtiie

Aries: This time it is important to make yourself important. Spend time, money, effort and energy on yourself today. Pay yourself for all the work you do for you. Take yourself on a fancy date sooner than later.

Taurus: You are lacking organization, Taurus. Today is the day you will be able to get over this and start afresh. Organize, clean and reset your mind, workspace, papers and anything else that needs it.

Gemini: You are getting guidance right now, but somehow you are not really following it. Just asking for help is not enough. You have to accept it and act with it too for better and faster results.

Cancer: Just for today, you can work in partnership with the people who you trust. There is a possibility of some sort of strong funding or investments coming your way. Something wonderful is going to happen Cancer.

Leo: You are a strong lion and don’t like begin helped. But today is the day you take all the help you need. It is coming or does it have to be asked for? Also help another?

Virgo: When you want something, start looking at it in the present rather than in the future. This will bring it to you faster. It will open up the space for it manifesting, now! Change the mindset.

Libra: There may have been certain blocks that you had seen or perceived. The good news is that they have been lifted and cleared for you. Just stay centered in gratitude. A positive flow has started now.

Scorpio: When you give you get back, many fold. Today is a day you find the spaces in your life where you can give more than just get from. May be you can also do charity work.

Sagittarius: It is time to make some investments in your future, consciously. Every area of your life is calling for savings. If you add to something steadily, the result is a huge pay back. Get ready Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Competition is not the energy of the day, cooperation is. What is yours will always be. Know this and act form this place of knowing. No one can take it from you. Share willing if you do.

Aquarius: You deserve just the best and nothing else. If you have a single ounce of doubt, this is the best day to let it go. Look around you and all that you already have. Gratitude magic!

Pisces: Jealousy is affirming you don’t have something very strongly. When you do that, it is going to grow in your space. Instead, start appreciating what you see another having. It will come to you soon then.